Lamborghini LM002

Lamborghini SUV Coming In April

The Volkswagen Group’s luxury and exotic brands are looking to add new models across the board. Bentley has been said to have green lighted a new SUV and Bugatti is moving forward with the 16C Galibier super sedan.

At Lamborghini, we’ve heard a back and forth over whether or not the company will produce the Estoque Concept sedan or an SUV. Aston Martin has shown with the Rapide that it is possible to do exotic with four doors. No one seriously thinks the Rapide is really a traditional sedan. Trust us, we’ve been in one. The production Estoque would share a platform with a potential new Bentley four-door coupe, as well as the Bugatti 16C Galibier. Italian magazine Quattroroute says the next model won’t be Estoque, but instead the SUV.


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Instead of being based on the Porsche Cajun platform like has been rumored, the SUV would share a platform with the Audi Q7 and upcoming Bentley SUV. Q7 basis means the SUV would be a large beast, more in the vein of the LM002. This is all in the name of increasing profits and sales. Off-road capability is also a plus for well-heeled buyers in emerging markets. Under the hood would be a V-10 producing around 700 horsepower.

If they are going to produce an SUV, drawing on the history of the LM002 makes sense – it could even be called that. The rendering included in the magazine isn’t official, but the final result will probably come out looking something like that.

Quattroroute says the “LB 736” will make a debut at either next month’s Geneva Motor Show or the Beijing Auto Show in April. If produced, China would be a large market for the Lambo Ute. Even if this report is true, it is doubtful the SUV coming in April is a production announcement. It is much more likely to be a concept to gauge reaction, like the Estoque was. If Lamborghini must increase models, the Estoque would be a better fit would’t it?

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