Volkswagen BlueSport On Hold

A Volkswagen mid-engined roadster has been in the news for years. Its one of those stories that never dies. A lot more credence came to the idea three years ago when VW debuted the BlueSport Concept at the North American International Show.

It was remarkably ready for production. Since its introduction, we’ve heard about its possibilities for production. Three models would be based on a new mid-engined platform; the VW BlueSport, a proposed Audi R4 and a Porsche model to slot in below the Boxster. The latest news on the BlueSport is that production has been put on hold; according to Autocar the business plan isn’t working out. We’ve heard this before too.

To make it feasible, Volkswagen says the BlueSport needs to sell 50,000 units a year. Whether that is a global number or not isn’t clear. If it was globally that seems like a doable goal. Now, United States only? Not so much – 50,000 a year is definitely a stretch. We think the BlueSport would be a great addition to the VW lineup; a niche model to draw interest. Especially with VW watering down its core models to appeal to the mainstream, excitement is needed.

We aren’t buying the volume argument necessarily either. More variants on the platform means more sales and economies of scale. Audi has green lighted the R4; while Porsche is studying its own variation. Porsche would want its car to be well differentiated from its VW Group stablemates. In addition, they are worried about the possibilities of it infringing on the Boxster’s territory. It could be too close for comfort. We’re sure Porsche would rather cannablize itself than have Audi do it with the R4 though. Still, that car’s future is up in the air. Regarding the BlueSport VW says the car is engineered and ready to go, but just on hold. Somehow, we think the car will see the light of day. Just a guess though.

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