Detroit: Acura NSX Gives Lagging Brand Some Excitement

While Acura as a whole has never been particularly exciting, there has been one standout product through the years – the NSX. A return of the Acura NSX has been considered long overdue by many fans.

The car ceased production in 2005, leaving a big gap without its presence on the market. When the NSX went out of production, Honda said a V-10-powered successor was on the way. It was supposed to get here in 2010, but alas that didn’t happen thanks to the horrible economic situation at the time. A new NSX might seem divergent from Acura’s strategy, as the brand has abandoned plans to go head-to-head with Tier One luxury manufacturers. The new NSX is an anomaly; standing out as a divergent effort to that overall strategy. Every brand needs a halo; at least we think so.

The NSX is the most exciting thing to come out of Acura in years! The concept strikes a lot of the right tones, with great mid-engined proportions and a cab-forward design. Acura’s design language actually works surprisingly well here. The front end is a bit overwrought at this stage, but it is a concept after all. The headlights have a weird consistency to them that won’t make it to production.

This is an area where we actually expect the production car to look better than the concept. Imagine that! The rear end pays a little homage to the original NSX, and is our favorite view. The taillights are full width, with a design that forms an interesting line across the car and curves in to form the design. Its something that will make the NSX standout on the road.

Acura has been talking about a new version of its Super-Handling All-Wheel Drive system, one that actually incorporates a hybrid setup. The version in the Acura has electric motors at the wheels, which use control software to dole out inputs of power to each wheel, side-to-side.

It’s a revolutionary system that could have big implications for the NSX’s handling. Acura hasn’t reveaed anything system’s specifications, only to say it will be mated to a powerful next-generation VTEC V-6.

They do say the car will provide supercar acceleration through a “an extremely favorable power-to-weight ratio.” Honda says it is a return to its philosophy of engineering efficiency and elegance. In other words, they are doing this car the Honda way. An important question is where the Ohio-built NSX is priced. Is it going to be a supercar bargain or be set at the upper levels of the supercar segment? We don’t have any answers for that one yet – the new NSX is still about three years out. After a long time ignoring enthusiasts though, it is good to see Acura courting them once again.

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