Preparations for Transporting Automobiles


Need wheels in order to move wheels? For those who answer yes to that question, the reason is most often uttered when moving an injured or impaired car to a service station. Under more voluntary occasions, transportation solutions exist for safely carry a prized vehicle between extended distances.


Reasons to Transport a Vehicle

Transporting a vehicle through a shipping or logistical company is not for every individual or automobile. If you would do the math, it would probably for less expensive to simply drive across the country. However, for owners of multiple vehicles, choosing a creditable transportation company to move a car or truck is needed. Transportation services are also ideal for securely moving your vintage, rare or exotic vehicle. For major car auctions such as the Barrett-Jackson Car Auction, the low-miles Chevrolet Corvette or Mopar muscle car will definitely be carried by transport to a new home. Finally, shipping a vehicle also comes into play when you have bought a car over the Internet (a risky manoeuvre that would be a topic for another conversation).


Choosing an Automotive Transport Company

Pinpointing the right auto transport service starts with research of companies in the area. The Internet reviews of companies can also be deemed useful (though perhaps not always completely reliable depending on the source). Word of mouth is still one of the most valuable testimonies to the creditability of a car shipping company.

When selecting the transport company between two parties or places, it may be possible to have a vehicle picked up and delivered directly at destinations. Other times, a vehicle may have to involve shipping depots or terminals to load and unload the delivery.

Reputable shipping companies will often request a deposit of the contracted price at the time before vehicle transport takes place. The deposit amount can be as little as 10 percent but could also range up to 25 percent. There may also be automotive shipping companies that will request the entire payment upfront.

While planes and cargo ships can transport automobiles, the expensive undertaking is less likely for individual customers. For most vehicles sent across the North America, movement by trailer will provide a cost effective and secure method of shipping. Offering solutions for moving one or several vehicles at a time, the transport equipment can range from fifth-wheel trailers to fully enclosed tractor-trailers. Auto transport companies take into account the type of vehicle being shipped as well as budget to identity the proper solution to moving a delivery. At this time, many automobile shipping companies equip their moving trucks with GPS tracking.



Preparing Vehicle for Transport

In preparation for shipping, several precautions should be undertaken. First, insure that the vehicle is completely empty of any valuables. Auto shipping companies often insist on the car or truck be emptied of any non-fixtures to decrease weight and liability. For most auto transport companies, insurance will not cover damages or loss of these items during the shipping of the vehicle.

Guarantee that the mechanicals of the vehicle by making sure the automobile is in proper running condition. A fully charged battery is important for transporting the vehicle for two reasons. Firstly, the vehicle will be spending an extended time at rest. Secondly, if the vehicle is not running at any point in the loading and unloading from transport equipment, the extra labour will lead to additional costs.

When transporting an automobile, shipping companies will request that the fuel tank hold no more than one-half capacity. In efforts to minimize the potential hazard of the gasoline or diesel fuel, the companies will also require a prescribed minimum fuel be filled into a transported vehicle to allow easily movement.

Prior to the vehicle being loaded for transport, insure an inspection has taken place. By either yourself and/or a second party in case of automotive sale, photographs as well as documentation could prove by the very least prudent in confirming condition of a car. Pay closest attention to the roof as well as the bumpers of the vehicle being in entering transit. Washing the exterior ahead of the moving process is the best way to gain perspective of the vehicle‘s condition before transport. Once the automobile arrives, the receiver should again inspect the vehicle for abnormalities. In the rare case that damage results within the process of travel, the pre-shipping information will be verification when making a damage claim. Quality transport companies will supply insurance on the shipment in the event of issues arising.

Through the shipping process, be sure that the proper paperwork (transport company contract, car title, insurance) are maintained by the party shipping the vehicle. Typically, the arrival of a vehicle to its destination will be an estimated in the contract. For coast-to-coast shipping in the United States, vehicle transportation can take up to three weeks. Travel across the Canadian or Mexican border crossings could also delay a car shipment.

When moving a car or truck through a transport operation, following the important steps will assure your valued vehicle will arrive in a safe and timely manner.

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