2011 BMW Holiday Gifts for the Bimmer Booster


Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or even Festivus, this is the time of the year where we show appreciation to family, friends, and sometimes relative strangers. When shopping for the automotive lover, a visit to an auto parts store may not be the ideal place to acquire that most heartfelt item. Car commercials are currently suggesting buying the gift for that special someone is an automaker’s 2012 model. For those struggling to find a BMW 5 Series for sale let alone the new BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe within the holiday gift price limit, an auto brand-approved product could be the key to satisfying that German car fan.

For this 2011 holiday season, the BMW Lifestyle department is highlighted by a few items certain to rush the blood for the car make known for merging luxury and performance.



Price: $83.17

Always the default gift idea for the adult male the neck tie presents an endless assortment of choices that could easily make it a hit or miss for the recipient. All but guaranteed to be a winning gift for the male or even female BMW fan in the family, the M tie allows someone to wear the pride for their favourite automobile. Cut from 100% Italian silk, the fiery red BMW M tie is a classy accompaniment to an enthusiast’s brand new BMW M5 (existing either on the driveway or in their daydreams). Smartly embroidered at the bottom of this BMW tie is the brand’s M division logo. The BMW M Tie also comes in blue.

BMW M Bike Carbon Racer


Price: $3,579.01

Perhaps more storied than BMW’s history on four wheels is the German brand’s prestige on two wheels. Building motorcycles since 1923, BMW’s lifestyle line-up also includes a selection of bicycles. Introduced late this year, a new high-end model called the M Bike Carbon Racer brings the performance and engineering BMW car buyers can shown expect.

Catered to high-performance riding, BMW M Bike Carbon Racer is a top-quality bicycle utilizing Shimano Ultegra gears and brake hardware. Featuring an ultra-light frame made of carbon fiber, the BMW M Bike Carbon Racer weighs a meager 7.4 kilograms (16.3 pounds). Lightweight, strength and durability are other redeeming properties to the BMW M Bike Carbon Racer’s construction. Fans of the auto company will recall the increased use of carbon fiber is becoming a centerpiece in the BMW i division’s electrified cars line-up.

BMW X6 Remote-Controlled Car


Price: Approximately $53.00

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A great way to energize pride of the new generation of BMW enthusiasts or for entertaining the kids at heart, the BMW X6 Remote-Controlled product captures the essence of the unique sport crossover vehicle. Less flamboyant than the at least 300-horsepower full-sized BMW X6, the 1:14 scale recreation in remote-control form will sail quickly across carpet and perform stunningly on hardwood floor. The detailed miniature recreation of the BMW X6 exterior can be ordered in either red or white.

BMW Golf Bag


 Price: $278.95

Having completed errands in the BMW X3 or X5 during the weekend, the country club could be the place where a couple would venture to relax. As the Mr and/or Mrs decide pass time with 9-holes of golf, the automotive spirit of their BMW product can provide an additional pride in the game.

Created in partnership with golf equipment specialist OGIO, the BMW-branded nylon bag can hold up to 10 clubs and features dedicated pockets for many items including a water bottle. Offered in black with white and silver accents, the BMW golf bag also comes in a snappy and elegant white version. Other golf accessories inside the BMW Lifestyle line-up will allow the automotive-related golf bag to quickly fill. A dozen Titleist ProV1 golf balls featuring the BMW logo can be added underneath the tree for $61.50 to promptly prepare for the driving range or putting practice at the office.

BMW Ballpoint Pen


Price: $95.00

Recently, BMW consulted a survey determining that the art of handwriting is far from extinction. According to the BMW Handwritten Beauty Survey, 52 percent of people asked actually enjoy writing by hand with only 10.5 percent believing that an electronic message can communicate as effectively as a pen-scribed letter. Offering high-end fountain and ballpoint pens, BMW appreciates the need for their brand loyalists to be seen, heard as well as remembered.

The BMW ballpoint pen wears a high gloss black outer shell while the rhodium components completing the stellar writing utensil. Engravings on the top and the center ring of the BMW ballpoint pen insure a writer’s hand is gripping an unusual type of luxury performance.

Many of these gifts are available through the BMW Lifestyle Accessories channel.

Information and photo source: BMW Group

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