Can J-Lo Sell Fiats for Chrysler?

JLo Fiat Commercial

If you have been wondering about the current whereabouts of Jennifer Lopez over the past couple of years, you have probably felt a huge sigh of relief. Fiat, the subsidiary of the Chrysler company, has recently launched a multimedia campaign featuring the once popular singer and actress in order to get people talking about the brand of cars.

Lopez, who lives in Los Angeles, did not even show up to the shooting of the advertisements. As reported by CNN, the series of ads were a strikingly digital masterpiece which shot footage from the streets of Brooklyn and had J-Lo placed in a studio out in Hollywood. If Fiat wants to promote their digital and interactive capabilities, they could spin this into a positive.

A spokesperson from Chrysler said that the company took this opportunity to place emphasis on Fiat’s commitment to increased mobility in automobiles. The official company statement said that people rely on their cars in order to transport themselves throughout the day because of increased work demands. This may work to get those interested in Phoenix auto title loans interested in the product, people on the streets of New York might be put back by J-Lo’s

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Chrysler is facing some copyright issues regarding the street art placed in the commercials. Graffiti artists Tats Cru have settled out of court in order to get compensation for their street murals. While they managed to avoid a huge lawsuit, they lacked the proper foresight into New York’s actual street art scene. This may prove to be a complete disconnect with the actual urban dwellers who Fiat wants to sell their cars to.

The tradition of using famous people to sell cars has been used to various degrees of success in  recent years. After country singer Toby Keith became a household name, Ford decided to attach his image to their line of pickup trucks and saw sales increase. Led Zeppelin, who have been notorious for not allowing their music to be used for promotional purposes, collaborated with Cadillac in order to create some spectacular advertisements for the luxury car brand.

Time will only tell if Jenny’s advertisements will resound with American carbuyers. While she has lost some of her artistic relevance, she has been able to stay relevant in the tabloids with messy divorces and other debacles that would get people interested in the brand. The only clear resolution we have from this campaign is that the company should have done a bit more research before using J-Lo in this capacity.

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