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Toyota Prius c Production Car Charges into 2012

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Environmental consciousness is the new resell red in today’s automotive market. The long-running and proven Toyota Prius is a forerunner to the latest way of thinking for car manufacturers suddenly striding for the most efficient powertrain or the maximizing of advanced materials on everyday cars. As long waiting lists formed for car customers desiring the Toyota Prius when gas prices went ballistic during mid-2008, the Japanese auto brand realized a they have struck marketing gold provoking thoughts of expanding the gasoline/electric car‘s line-up.

Creating the extended payload Prius v that has just recently reached dealers, a promised third unique member to the prophetic Prius hybrid family will be officially revealed at the 2012 Detroit North American International Auto Show. Toyota reveals details of the upcoming 2012 Prius c ahead of its Detroit premiere; the popular United States auto show was the place where the Toyota Prius family saga began a year before presenting a vehicle assortment that also included a plug-in hybrid Prius based on the original vehicle. Targeted as the new entry-level vehicle for the hybrid vehicle line-up, the subcompact Toyota Prius c will achieve fuel mileage of 50 miles per gallon.

Measuring 157.3 inches in total length, the 2012 Toyota Prius c will become one of the smallest alternative powertrain vehicles in the wide North American marketplace. While electric versions of the Smart Fortwo and city vehicles will be smaller than Toyota’s upcoming vehicle, the Prius c will be drastically more compact than the all-electric Nissan Leaf.

The production car design is lot less radical than the concept that only shown alongside the new Toyota Prius family at the 2011 edition of the Detroit automotive exhibition. The clearest difference between the 2011 concept and the production example of the Toyota Prius c is the election for a more convention headlamp placement on the model destined for showrooms. It you remember, the Prius c Concept car employed headlamps located along the cowling just ahead of the windshield.


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The Toyota Prius c is likely to garner, at least, some initial confusion with the all-new Toyota Yaris. It’s interesting to note that an electric-assisted gasoline concept car based on the subcompact was shown at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show earlier this year. While the Toyota Yaris HSD Concept was a mirror for the future replacement of the automaker’s current subcompact, the Hybrid Synergy Drive technology implantation in the small and tidy vehicle was clearly meant for the Toyota Prius c product.

Despite an objective geared towards optimizing fuel economy, the five-door Toyota Prius c achieves youthful design intent. Some distinguishing characteristics to the Prius c is borrowed from its larger hybrid sister vehicles. Smaller grille openings, the triangular side glass at the rear, and the massive taillight pillars appear to be defining features Prius buyers will note in common with the standard Prius or Prius v products.


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Toyota has been careful to insure the smaller proportions of the Prius c hybrid does not make the vehicle unattractive for passengers. Toyota’s new Entune system will be available on the small hybrid offering giving occupants incredible electronic entertainment and information service options including Pandora. Bluetooth and 9 airbags will be found as standard interior features inside the 2012 Toyota Prius c cabin as valuable companions to 50-plus mile per gallon motoring.

Presented to the public shortly after the new year, the Toyota Prius c sales will start in spring of 2012. While there has been no announcements related to vehicle pricing, strong indications would have the Prius c competitively priced under the conventional Prius. With the lower $20,000 possible for a well-equipped hybrid, Toyota plans to send a message to the Nissan Leaf and Chevrolet Volt that American consumers do not need a stinking government tax incentive to motivate buyers. However, an incentive is usually included for the Prius products just as an additional carrot to draw green or fuel saving consumers.

Information and photo source: Toyota Motor Corporation

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