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Ford Showing Five-Door Fiesta ST at LA, Dubs It “Concept”

FiestaSTConcept 1

When it comes to Ford performance vehicles, they are all over the map in terms of designations. That might change a bit in the future though. as the company has indicated ST could be coming to more models. At the Los Angeles International Auto Show later in the month, Ford will be debuting the production Focus ST, which was previewed by a concept model.

The Focus ST has been billed as Ford’s first truly global performance vehicle. Now Ford is announcing the five-door Fiesta ST, which is also being billed as a “concept” at first. Most likely, it is anything but. It follows a three-door model that was shown at the Frankfurt Auto Show.

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Suped up hatchbacks have never really been a presence in the United States like they are in other countries, but with the Fiesta, Focus and other manufacturers having small hatches on the market, that could change.

For instance, who wouldn’t want to see a Mazdaspeed 2? It’d be pretty neat. Ford is testing the waters on the idea with the Fiesta ST. The Fiesta ST follows a similar template to the Focus ST before it, and Ford says that’s the whole point. “With the Fiesta ST Concept, we are demonstrating that our global performance plan has legs,” says Jost Capito, Ford director of Global Performance Vehicles..the Fiesta ST Concept shows in the most dramatic way possible that the qualities that define an ST are not limited to one model….the potential for delivering the ST experience to an even wider audience is laid bare by this exciting new concept.”

They sound pretty excited about it. Following the Focus ST’s mould means a distinctive, gaping maw front end, more aggressive, blacked out headlights, 17-inch wheels and a body kit. Power comes from an Ecoboost (what else?) 1.6-liter four-cylinder, delivering 180 horsepower and 177 pound feet of torque. It is mated to a six-speed manual transmission.

There’s no all-wheel drive to be found here either; the Fiesta ST remains a front-driver. We’d be shocked if the Fiesta ST didn’t make it to production. With that kind of power and a l Until the announcement comes though check out our gallery of Ford’s performance baby below.

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