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Jaguar 3-Series Competitor, Production C-X16 Coming

This past Friday, BMW released the sixth-generation 3-Series. For years it has been the standard that every other car in its segment has been judged by. The 3-Series, and the Mercedes-Benz C-Class to a lesser extent. Infiniti has fielded a strong competitor with the G35 and G37, but it hasn’t come close to toppling the dominant sales position of the 3-Series.

Cadillac is trying its hand at toppling it with the “ATS” (it is a codename, for now) that is slated to go on sale next year. Jaguar, which is on the upswing with a new lineup, is said to be readying a new model that it intends to go head-to-head with the 3.

We’ve seen this before; the Jaguar X-Type was an entry-level model that was supposed to significantly increase Jaguar’s sales. The X-Type car was lackluster though, based on Ford Mondeo mechanicals and unappealing to the buyers Jaguar wanted to attract.


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The S-Type also failed at achieving sales success for Jaguar. The latest models from Jaguar are an entirely different story however; the XF and XJ are nothing like the cars they replaced. Thoroughly modern in style, they have generated favorable reviews and generated increase sales. Jaguar’s goal is to take it to BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi though, and to do that it will need a larger lineup. A key part of that is fielding a strong competitor in the entry-level segment, where a good amount of luxury brand sales are concentrated.

Automotive News reports that an entry-level model is development, with a launch date slated for around 2014. The car would be priced at under $40,000. The main reason for the delay comes down to engines – at the moment Jaguar has basically one engine, its 5.0-liter V-8, that powers its lineup. The new car would need both a four-cylinder turbo and a six to compete properly. New engines are under development, but they won’t be ready few years, which leads to the 2014 launch date.

AN also reports that the C-X16 Concept in Frankfurt is going into production as soon as next year. That is in addition to the C-X75 supercar project, which has already been confirmed by Jaguar. With these projects in the pipeline, Jaguar’s future looks bright.

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