BMW 3-Series Reveal Coming This Friday

The current BMW 3-Series is a good looking car in our opinion. It was the last model to arrive during the Chris Bangle era at BMW, and no doubt was some of his best work. With the current car, BMW has maintained its sales dominance here in the United States and around the world.

As far as styling, while we never hated them, we couldn’t quite say the same about the previous generation 5- and 7-Series. The current 5 and 7 are far more stylish than the vehicles they replaced, taking BMW styling back to more traditional good looks. Now, its time for the 3-Series to get a redesign in the same vein as its two older siblings. Spyshots have been coming out quite often, indicating heavy final testing, so we knew the time was nearing.

BMW announced today that the wraps will be taken off this Friday, October 14th at 4:00 pm. BMW will reveal the car at a company event in Munich, Germany. The car’s first appearance at an auto show will probably be at next month’s Los Angeles International Auto show.

For those that can’t attend the event in Germany (like us), a live streaming link has been provided via Facebook. There have been reports that this is a Facebook-exclusive reveal, but there will actually be a live event taking place HERE.

Automakers have taken to social media sites more than ever lately to debut their new wares – Honda put photos of its ill-received Accord CrossTour on Facebook and who could forget Ford’s endless campaign for the Explorer? Twitter has also gotten in on the action with Toyota putting up teaser images of the new Camry on the company’s official account. We’ll have all the details up on the latest 3-Series this Friday. We’d be surprised if some photography didn’t leak out before then though; it depends on if BMW is distributing press materials prior to the event.

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