Next-Generation Ford Focus RS In The Works


Enthusiasts often pine for European models to be sold here in the United State. Usually, they are the ones that have a particular emphasis on performance, such as Audi’s RS lineup. The “RS” tag is meaningful to those who know performance, whether it is on a Camaro or a Ford Focus.

For years, the United States has gotten a different Ford Focus than we have. Thanks to a globalization of Ford’s platforms and models, that has changed. It means we’re getting the sedan, hatchback as well as a coupe model.

In addition, the sporty ST version has been confirmed. But what about an RS? We don’t know for sure – but Australian car site Drive confirms that Ford has given the next-generation RS a green light.

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The RS is a low-volume version based on the two-door Focus hatchback. The previous model was introduced in 2008, and it packed 300 horsepower from a 2.5-liter turbocharged five-cylinder engine. That power was routed through the front wheels and resulted in a 0-62 mph time in under 6 seconds. With that kind of power in a small FWD car, many have said all-wheel drive would be preferable. However, the Focus RS will be getting FWD power next time around as well.

Gunnar Hermann, Ford’s vehicle line director for small cars says: “I think we stay with our two-wheel-drive strategy (for the new RS), which I think was well executed (in the previous model)….I think (more power for the next RS) is sustainable. With the limited edition RS500 we went up to 350 horsepower and some of our development units we have them up to 380hp. And we even moved torque (upwards).”

More power? The new RS promises to be a rocket, with a launch coming sometime in 2013 or 2014. The car will utilize the previous RS’ “Revoknuckle” suspension setup that reduces torque steer. Given Ford’s globalization program, hopefully the RS is one hot hatch we’ll see arrive here in the U.S.

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