Lexus GS To Debut Next Month, Report Says

Lexus hasn’t been having the best time of times lately. The brand has experienced problem after problem over the past few years – whether with recalls by parent company Toyota, the “unintended acceleration” issues and most recently the Japanese tsunami and earthquake.

This year the brand is poised to lose its billing as the largest seller of luxury cars in the United States – and by a big margin. Some say the problems were in the making before these issues came up though, due to an aging lineup and aging customer base.

Lexus is looking to turn that around with more exciting and engaging models. The GS is supposedly the first example of a renewed emphasis on product from Lexus – one we’ll see as soon as next month, according to AutoGuide.

We’ve got somewhat of a look at the production GS already, thanks to the LF-Gh concept that debuted at the New York International Auto Show. The new GS will be getting a much bolder design language than the previous car. The previous-generation GS was a flop, never reaching large percentages of market share against competitors like the BMW 5-Series, Mercedes-Benz E-Class and Audi A6.

This time around, Lexus wants to make a bigger dent in the market. The mid-size luxury sedan market is relatively high-volume, and given the prices of entry, very profitable as well.

Debuting the car at Pebble Beach makes sense given its prestigious nature and what Lexus is trying to convey with the GS. Given that it is a rumor for now and not official yet, AutoGuide reached out to Lexus for comment. Lexus communications manager Ming-Jou Chen made a statement, saying: “We haven’t made any announcements……but it wouldn’t be a bad idea to keep an eye out during Pebble Beach.”

Sounds like as good of a confirmation as any at this point. The GS is an example of the future of Lexus and how seriously it intends to compete. Beset by problems and flagging sales, the GS needs to be successful. We’ll see if it has the goods to do just that next month.

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