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Idioti insapore! Non hai il senso dello stile a tutti? Nessuna comprensione della tradizione?

Such shocking, sad and disheartening news from Maranello today: The sale of Ferraris painted the traditional Italian Racing Red are down. Even worse, red accounts for less than half of the cars coming out of factory on via Ascari.

In the early 1990s 85 percent of all Ferrari models rolled out of the factory painted red. A good solid number if you ask me. Our sources add that ” … it’s tough to understand how 85 percent of all customers could buy such a rare horse, yet insist upon such a common color.” Which, to me, is just a prime chunk of evidence that the boys at AutoBlog really are a bunch of craven shills with about as much sense and understanding of history as your average American (i.e. almost none). Anyway, from a once acceptable 85 percent, sales of red Ferraris are now at an abysmal 45 percent in 2010.

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Supposedly “greater differentiation” is one of the reason for the decrease output of red cars from Maranello. Although I don’t fully get what “greater differentiation” exactly means. They also note that Ferrari is now offering a far greater range of colors today than they did in the past. This is no doubt true. Hell, when Ferrari started out, they only offered cars in red.

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One of the most discussed aspect of the 1957 250 GT coupe that Enzo made for Ingrid Bergman and put on display at the Paris Show was that it was painted silver. Silver! Okay, actually “Grigio Ingrid” to quote il Commendatore. But still, the color caused a bit of a stir.

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Ferrari also noted when mentioning the drop in cars painted red that there seems to be a growing craze for two-tone liveries, with the roof painted a different color than the rest of the body. Which, in some cases, the latest iteration of the GTO for instance, works really well. Red with a flat black roof looks really good on that car.

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Ferrari has also announced that they have perfected a “three-layer painting technique that utilizes three coats of paint for a deeper and more brilliant color than has been offered in the past.” Nice! And that explains why more recent Ferraris that I have seen look to have paint that is 18 inches thick, yet applied to a body panel seemingly no thicker than a playing card.

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Ferrari also commented that they are now offering complete car color customization (if this was an article about “Big Daddy” Ed Roth, I would have had to write that Kar Kolor Kustomization, wouldn’t I). You can bring them in a Pantone chip, and they’ll match it. That’s nice of them. Il Ragazzi from Maranello say that special-order finishes have gone up from only one percent ten years ago to ten percent today.

Still, this is just awful, rotten news.

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I blame it on the Nouveau riche. It must be from the recent glut of freshly minted hedge fund “managers”, reality show participants and Donald Trump wannabes (or perhaps that pointless clown Trump himself). Only people with a complete lack understanding and tradition would do something like this.

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As far as I’m concerned, you buy an Italian car, any Italian car, you get a red one. Your French car purchase should be blue, and your German car should be in silver (white, if you want to be an originalist).

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Some people, I tell ya …

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Source: AutoBlog

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