Skoda Fabia RS 2000 Is Unique Concept for Lake Wörthersee

Volkswagen and Audi aren’t the only ones that have introduced models at the GTI-Treffen enthusiasts gathering in Austria. Skoda has also made an appearance with its new Fabia RS 2000 concept.

Skoda is yet another brand in the VW Group portfolio, and one we don’t get here in the United States (along with Seat). As you can tell from the introductions, the show is focused on VW’s small cars – hot hatches in particular. To wow crowds at Lake Lake Wörthersee, Skoda created a pretty radical new concept car.

Unfortunately, it is just a concept – really, truly a concept. And, even if it wasn’t we wouldn’t get it here in the U.S anyway. The Fabia RS 2000 concept has been lowered and beefed up with an aggressive body kit.

The car’s big feature is the removal of the roof, leaving a chopped off front windshield and steeply raked side windows. Convertible this isn’t. The standard Fabia is a four-door and that is left intact here. Try getting this car to pass modern safety regulations…..

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