Audi Previews A3 Hatchback

The Geneva Motor Show last month brought the introduction of Audi’s A3 Sedan Concept. The car was unique in that, being a sedan, it was a first for the A3 lineup. The current A3 is sold in hatchback-only form here and abroad. The new car represents Audi’s increased global reach and desire to increase sales in the United States.

The Shanghai Motor Show, just around the corner, will see Audi debut its new Q3 crossover, which was previewed by a concept in 2007.

Here we see the look of the hatchback variant, and it follows a similar formula to the current car but appears to be longer, lower and sleeker. Audi is definitely becoming more design oriented.

The biggest news is a sketch of the production interior, which we think is absolutely gorgeous. There is a clear performance focus in the styling and it blazes a different path then current Audi interiors.

One thing it retains is the circular-vent design theme of the current A3. Audi uses the circular vents in the A1, A3, TT and R8, lending credence to a performance intent. The production A3 is slated to debut next year at the Geneva Motor Show.

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