Volkswagen Debuts Two Super Bowl Commercials

It’s no secret that Volkswagen is getting highly aggressive about competing in the American market. As part of Volkswagen Group’s plan to become the world’s largest automaker, sales in the United States must increase to 800,000 units by 2018.

That’s a huge increase over the brand’s current U.S sales, which are under 300,000. The 2011 Jetta was the first example of VW’s new philosophy – an inexpensive vehicle tailored to the U.S market.

The strategy appears to be working, with sales increasing steadily and the car reaching nearly 10,000 units per month already. The 2012 Passat, introduced at the North American International Auto Show, is the second model to debut under this new strategy. The Jetta and Passat are key components of the plan to increase sales.

With new models, VW is looking to make a splash at the Super Bowl. Curiously it doesn’t appear the all-important Jetta will be launched though, with the spots instead focusing on a redesigned New Beetle (which has yet to be seen) and the 2012 Passat. You can check both of them out below. With a Star Wars theme, we have to say that the Passat commercial is pretty cool.

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