9th Generation Honda Civic Debuting at Detroit Auto Show


The compact car category his turned into a battleground between the major automakers as they vie for value-oriented car shoppers who still want a high-quality vehicle. In the past two years, launches of the Kia Forte, Chevrolet Cruze and Mazda3 are to be joined by the 2012 Ford Focus. Facing off with a more competitive compact car class, the Honda Civic is not preparing to loss their creditability as a cornerstone for the auto industry. On January 10th of the new year, spectators at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit will to introduced to a concept for the 2012 Honda Civic.

Releasing a single sketch in baiting interest, the coupe compact example of the 2012 Civic appears to carry a significant amount of the current styling DNA from the previous vehicle. However, through the production history of the Civic, Honda has long focused on minor improvements rather than radical reinvention. Assessing the 2012 Civic concept design over the current vehicle, elements displayed within this preview drawing includes a larger, lower intake, reshaped headlamp housings and a more curvier overall exterior look. We will have to wait for January’s Detroit Auto Show to discover interior as well as technical features which can be expected in the 2012 Honda Civic.

A big deal for Honda as they take the covers off a concept of their prized compact car newest shape, the Detroit Auto Show can also express some invigoration. Through the past several years, the Los Angeles Auto Show was becoming a favoured exhibit for world and North American automotive debuts as the staging in the warmer California climate proved a preferable showcase. Occurring shortly after the new year with below freezing weather outside, the North American International Auto Show in Detroit has also been haunted in the past editions by the economic state of the American auto industry. Operating a large manufacturing presence inside the United States and Canada, the roll out of the new Civic in the border city Detroit made absolute sense.

Fulfilling what will be a spring 2011 release, the 2012 Honda Civic will be constructed at plants located Greensburg, Indiana and the long-running Alliston, Ontario manufacturing facility in Canada as they rush to supply the continent.

Information and photo source: American Honda Motors Co.

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