The Lastest in Auto Accessories

One thing that will be around as long as we have cars and trucks will be ways to accessorize, customize, and personalize our rides. As with anything in life some people desire to stand out from the crowd and choose to do this by dressing up their vehicles with the latest gadgets or performance enhancing options. Here are some great options for you folks who fit into this category and want to have a jaw dropping mode of transportation!

SLR Performance Chip

SLRCHipWith an ever increasing desire for more power people will always be interested in aftermarket performance chips. Some chips such as the SLR Ultimate Performance chip can give some makes of cars up to an additional 50hp which isn’t too shabby! Another thing to consider when deciding on a chip or not is that some of them also offer an increase in your mpg. With fuel prices on the rise with no end in sight I think many people will be looking for ways to get more efficiency as well out of their car and this might be the way they do it. Faster and more efficient? Sounds like a win win to me!



Wheels have always been a way to set your car apart from the rest. Constantly getting bigger and fancier to keep up with the market you’d think they’d run out of ways to improve upon them. Not so fast, here is another innovative option. Motionlite created wheels that actually have lights installed to really accentuate your rims.

Train Horn Kit

trainhornkitSometimes no matter what you do to your car aesthetically it’s hard to turn heads. When that’s the case you have no choice but to make them pay attention. How do you do this you ask? Simple, 185dB blast from train horns mounted on your car will do the trick each and every time! With many different options in size and dB levels there is something for everyone here.

Drive Emoticon

Drive-emoticonHave you ever wished you had a way to communicate with the driver behind you? Maybe an apology is in order because you just cut them off, or maybe you’d like to give them a piece of your mind because they’re driving with their head up their….Well you get my drift. There is now an option for this. The Drive Emoticon mounts in your rear window and can be used to convey several different communications to the drivers behind you. Finally, an alternative to the finger!

Each new year will bring us more options when it comes to customizing our cars and we certainly look forward to what will come next. If you’ve seen any cool customizations that we’ve missed let us know!

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