GM Uncovers Compact Buick; the Verano

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Focusing on four brands in their restructured state, General Motors is finally bidding Buick the attention it deserves for competing within a growing premium car market inside the United States. Gaining a position of top-selling brand in China for many years, Buick’s paltry three vehicle offering in 2010 is receiving a boost starting with the arrival of the smaller new Regal sedan. The most compact car wearing the premium Trishield crest, the European-derived Buick Regal is still generously-proportioned.

Finally accepting the lesson that the past 25 years have taught the American-based auto companies, North American car buyers have demonstrated willingness to pay a little more for higher quality compact cars. This acceptance of up-scale designed compact vehicles has already led to Ford Motor Company’s Lincoln division naming a small C-Segment car to their future lineup. In part of a retooling announcement for the General Motors Orion Assembly plant, Buick is revealed to be the next player in the new generation premium compact sector a teaser image was released for a vehicle the brand calls the Verano.

As GM’s Orion Assembly was officially named the new manufacturing plant for the redesigned Chevrolet Aveo in a major media fest, General Motors divulged the Buick Verano will join the new Chevy in production at the Michigan plant. Sadly, details on the production of the Verano has been the only major fact provided on the car likely coming to market either late 2011 or 2012.

A tight shot a Buick headlamp and grille, the sneak peek image of the Verano has only added the compact vehicle is a sedan. The Buick Verano will not be a subcompact like the Aveo. The new Buick sedan is expected to be based on the Chevrolet Cruze platform. Though cosmetic adjustments to the exterior is slated to conform the shape to Buick’s styling, motorists will judge the Verano for what is inside. Typically with the development of Buicks, General Motors engineers go an extra mile in sound-deadening material and ride control.

Buick’s first endeavour into the compact since the Skylark was dropped from production in 1998, customer expectations for what smaller cars are drastically elevated. Derived from the Italian word for summer, Verano in the Buick lineup is hoped to bring some heat to the premium small car segment.

Information and photo source: General Motors

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