Focused on More Gusto: The 2012 Ford Focus ST


Riding on the same basic platform for the 12 calendar years in North America, the eagerly-awaited arrival of the global Ford Focus early next year. Touted for providing an upgrade to the econobox we currently associate with the Ford Focus, the next-generation car is showing at the 2010 Paris Motor Show that the 2012 model year compact doesn’t want to risk absorbing a fuddy-duddy image. The racy five-door Ford Focus ST pre-production car expressively states at least one effort that will allow this future commuter vehicle to be seen in a passionate light.

With Ford being no stranger to creating excitement in the automotive world with advanced powertrain and electronic conveniences, the soon to be new Ford Focus flagship ST version affirms the company’s fun-filled aspirations. Featuring a full array of aerodynamic add-ons to the already-termed kinetic design of the five-door hatchback, a lower front end, side skirts and a roof spoiler provide a ground-hugging look. A low-profile wheel and tire combination completes the sportier Focus’ exterior metamorphosis. Coated with a radiant orange colour, characterized as ‘Targerine Scream’, the Focus ST exterior is well-suited for an honourable appearance at any Hot Import Nights show.

Formulated on a Focus platform 25% stronger than the current North American sold vehicle, the mechanical foundation for this Ford pocket rocket is solid. Thanks to Ford’s EcoBoost technology, the Focus ST’s 2-liter engine musters up an impressive 250 horsepower. Lively power production moves through direct injection and a turbocharger to ultimately generate 95 horsepower more than the non-EcoBoost 2-liter powerplant to be offered on base 2012 Ford Focus models.

As the pre-production prototype premieres at the Paris Motor Show at the end of September, there is yet any firm details of the transmission specifications. Utilizing dual-clutch technology, the Ford PowerShift 6-speed automatic transmission seems like a best choice for all worlds with efficient gear shifts.


The Ford Focus ST’s interior presents the driver and even passengers with a rewarding sight. Initiated by two-tone colour bucket seats, an exciting center console includes entertainment and information technology like Ford’s SYNC system. It’s fair to assume as the Focus ST is derived from the five-door hatchback that little to no cabin space will be lost in comparison to the base Ford Focus.

Ford new releases have not specifically mentioned the Focus ST for sale within the North American marketplace. However, the fact this Ford Focus ST edition was developed under the Ford’s Global Product Development strategy all but guarantees this top-performing Focus will be on United States roadways during the Focus ST’s release in 2012.

As the Ford Focus ST is being addressed as the compact car’s flagship model, we have yet to see any indications that Ford is pursuing a RS version of the new Focus.

Information and photo source: Ford Motor Company

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