Production of the Volkswagen BlueSport Hits a Snag


After wowing the crowds at the 2009 Detroit Auto Show, VW has yet to put its sensible little concept into production.

When the BlueSport debuted, nearly everybody with a pulse wanted one. And, why not?

It’s a sexy little roadster (about the size of a Mazda MX-5), with a 180 hp diesel mounted in the middle. Even though the words Diesel and Sport have never before been uttered in the same sentence. The BlueSport manages a 0-60 time of only 6.6 seconds, and a top speed of 140 mph.

Not bad for a Diesel…that gets 42mpg.

With bits and pieces of the BlueSport coming from other Volkswagen’s that are currently in production. It was assumed that the world’s biggest car maker would put its tantalizing little roadster into production. But, that plan has hit a snag.

Since VW owns Audi, and now Porsche, an apparent sibling rivalry has broken out within the company.

Automobile Magazine reports that Porsche is afraid that a $30k BlueSport might hurt sales of its forthcoming Boxster replacement. And, since Audi has a similarly sized TT roadster. They don’t want a cheaper Volkswagen lowering the sales tallies for their car either.

So for now, the Volkswagen BlueSport will remain a concept.

2 Comments on "Production of the Volkswagen BlueSport Hits a Snag"

  1. Seattleforge

    This means that VW has truly lost its way. Is this not the company of the people's car? The company that brought us the gorgeous and inexpensive Karmann Ghia and the original Scirrocco? This car belongs in VW's lineup

    Damn the insecurity of Audi and Porsche who assume that the buyer for this car has an additional $30k to $40k to spend.

  2. Codeslinger

    Wait a year out of respect for the new Boxster, then bring this out and think about making an upscale version of it to replace the TT roadster. My guess is this would sell more than the Boxter and the TT combined, with minimal effect on sales of the Boxter and the TT coupe.

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