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Art Students Create Four “Bentleys of the Future”

Bentley Design Studio

Eighteen students from London’s Royal College of Art have teamed up with luxury car maker Bentley to create design concepts for an upcoming Bentley coupe. Four of the student’s designs were chosen by Head of Exterior Design Raul Pires to move their designs into further development with Pires and his team. Two of those future designers will be invited to join the company for a six month secondment in the Bentley design studio.

The four finalists are Bora Kim, David Seesing, Marten Wallgren and Mikka Heikkinen. Pires said of the group, “These four finalists have captured the essence of our brand, recognising what makes a Bentley instantly recognisable on the road. Just as importantly, they\’ve embraced Exa\’s leading-edge technology and grasped that excellent design should always seek to enhance a car\’s handling and performance, as well as optimising its environmental credentials.”

Check out the designs:

Bentley Concept Design

Bentley Concept Design

Bentley Concept Design

Bentley Concept Design

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