Helps You Fix Your Own Car

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Most of us don’t know shit about our cars. We drive them every day, fill them up with fuel once a week, and keep them clean (some of us, anyway.)

But what happens when something goes wrong? Most people can’t even change their own oil or windshield wipers, let alone repair anything. Like lemmings, we bring them to the mechanic who routinely overcharges us and gets away with it, because we don’t know any different, right? Not so fast there, Buckaroo.

A new website just launched to help the average car owner diagnose and fix their own car problems. If you’re having a problem with your car, head over to to answer a series of questions relating to your problem so it can determine what the issue is. Don’t want to mess with it yourself? At least you’ll know what it is, and with their “Fair Price Repair Cost” estimates, you’ll know if the mechanic is putting a screwing to you.

They also have a repair shop finder with customer reviews to help you find a good shop to go to.

Decide you want to take the plunge and try fixing it yourself? Check out the DIY Auto Repair-apedia for in-depth how-tos on how to repair you car and keep up with general maintenance. After all, why pay a shop $30-$50 to change your oil when you can easily do it at home for $15?