Prior Design’s Porsche 911 PD3

Prior Design - Porsche 911 PD3

When the press release for this new modified Porsche 911 came across the desk, it read “Prior Design Porsche 911.” I thought “What do they mean ‘prior design’? The last generation?” Turns out Prior Design is a German tuning company that churns out some pretty sexy cars, and the Porsche 911 PD3 is no different.

Based on the incredible Porsche 911 GT3, the Prior Design 911 PD3 features a complete body kit which was designed with aerodynamics in mind from the beginning. A new carbon-flex fiberglass composite was developed for use in this car, showing itself in the spoiler blade, inlets, rear diffuser, and rest of the added kit. Prior Design decided to keep the stock GT3 rear wing, stating that it was “judged to be sound” by the PD team.

Prior Design - Porsche 911 PD3 rear

Prior Design added a hand-made stainless steel exhaust system to the 911 PD3 and fully enclosed the end of the muffler for aerodynamic purposes. Along with lowering the suspension by 30 mm (a little over an inch,) lightweight forged wheels were developed specifically for this car in a variety of sizes and designs.

Overall, the car looks great, and that’s the purpose of a design company. The 911 PD3 kit certainly adds to the aggressiveness of the car, and would be worth the extra money to have something particularly special. The modifications to the car also add 70 hp, according to PD.

The kit in Duraflex costs 12,900 Euros ($18,100 USD) or in carbon fiber it’s 14,900 Euros ($21,000.)

Prior Design - Porsche 911 PD3 rear

Prior Design - Porsche 911 PD3 front

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