e-tron Not As Torquey Says Audi


So, you know when Audi showed the e-tron, all-electric version of a shrunken R8 a while back and said that it put out a ginormous amount of torque? Yeah, well, turns out that Audi must have got the sums wrong or some such, because it turns out that the e-tron puts out a lot less than first reported. Sure, it’s still an impressive number, but in between this and GM’s claims about the Volt’s ridiculous mileage numbers, you have to wonder who’s working the PR departments these days.

Audi initially said the e-tron would put out an astounding 4,500 Nm (3,319.03 pound-feet) of torque, which is probably more than an ocean going tug cranks out. Sure, it sounded like fun, but a lot of people just rolled their eyes. Some of those people worked at Automobile Magazine, and when they ran the numbers, they came up with 252 lb-ft of torque. Yawn, that’s not very impressive.

But now Audi has revised and re-released the torque figures again, this time the grunt comes in at 501.5 lb-ft. Which is still impressive, and much more believable. Audi got the new numbers by combining the output of the four individual electric motors. The previous figure of 3000+ lb-ft was derived from being measured at the wheels after being geared down and multiplied.

Sure, that’s a reasonable explanation and all, but how the hell did Audi screw up that bad in the first place?

For starters, the engineers at Audi thought that the larger number was more representative of the actual feeling of the push in the back you’d get from the four electric motors when standing on the, er, gas and accelerating from a dead stop. You know, what with electric motors putting out all their torque from zero RPM on up.

Besides the big PR screw up they now have to deal with, it’s nice to see that things are coming more down to earth with this stuff. It doesn’t do anybody any good to jack around with stuff like this. And besides, using the still respectable, and real world figure of 501.5 lb-ft allows you to do a real world comparison between an EV and a “normal” car.

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