Ferrari 420 Dino

2010 Ferrari 420 Dino – Finally Confirmed

Update: The 420 Dino was made, but in the form of the 2010 Ferrari California.

Finally! We got word that Ferrari does indeed plan to create the Dino Concept that has been peeking its head recently. Unfortunately, there aren’t many confirmed details, but we do have some universally agreed-upon theories of Ferrari’s next major model.

One of the biggest questions about a new “budget” Ferrari is whether or not it will dilute the Ferrari brand name. Ferrari wants to sell the new model between $140,000 and $160,000, and is currently trying to decide if a lower price will do just that.

Ferrari 420 Dino

The Dino is scheduled to go on sale as a 2010 model and will hopefully make its debut in an early 2009 Auto Show. The estimated output is at 3500-5000 units per year.

Rumor has it the car will be named the “420 Dino,” bringing back the name of what some would call the most beautiful Ferrari ever made. The “420” in the name hints at the all-new, all-aluminum 90 degree 4.2 Liter V8 producing just under the 480 horsepower that the current F430 makes.

The engine will be mounted in a “front-mid” configuration, putting the engine mostly behind the front axle, differing from the F430 and older Dino models. In response to the new powerful V8, Ferrari says by 2008, the F430 will get the 5.0 liter V10 being developed that pushes out around 550 horsepower.

Ferrari 420 Dino

The Dino will keep the modern interior theme, providing a beautiful carbon fiber or aluminum trim. Who wouldn’t go with the carbon fiber? Also new is a standard satellite navigation system. The body panels are expected to be carbon fiber all around, providing lighter weight and increased strength.

Ferrari 420 Dino

I’m interested to see the evolution of this concept, as it will be very important in the Ferrari line. While Ferrari doesn’t want to dilute the brand name with inexpensive models, they can pull it off with this model.

I don’t see it replacing the extraordinary 360 Modena as the best-selling model, but if this “bottom-of-the-line” model offers the features and performance rumored at the estimated price (or less,) you might see one or two rolling down the street in your home town in 2010.

Ferrari 420 Dino

  1. It's a fake and a fairly obvious one at that – photoshopped renders on top of someone elses photos of the Porsche Cayman.

    How did you fall for it ?

  2. no fake,its time that ferrari is present in this price range.Porsche
    Cayman is your VW,THE 420 IS FERRARI.

  3. Taylor, Butkiss, and Kristen, i have a couple things to say. First of all, I know for a fact that this model is coming to production because I have a few contacts with New England Maserati. Second Taylor, I think that a person would be able to spell in todays common vernacular, especially if they own an expensive car. Butkiss, very few people can afford an enzo. I refuse to believe that people who own such high end exotics talk with the rudeness and disrespect that you have displayed. Stop lying, stop saying things that you do not have the information to back up, when in fact this car has been confirmed. Also, Ferrari has to have renderings, they have to have prototypes, and also, sometimes they look the same as other cars. Hence the new Ferrari looking like the Cayman.

  4. Thank you, some one with some common sense….it is completely real and the photoshop idiot should not speak unless he know his facts

  5. I have plenty of proof to back these claims up. It is based on the F430 chassis, but looks more like the scaglietti, hence it looking like the 599, etc. Don't forget, they're trying to test out their new engine. In this day and age, only a 3.6, a 4.3, and a 6.12L engines have been used. Since the new Maserati Gran Turismo is coming out, it has the same horsepower and specs as the Dino. Same body, chassis, engine, interior, etc. For example, when they were designing the enzo? what do you think they used to test it's motor? The 355 Berlinetta, and also, with the new Acura NSX V10, they used a S2000 as a base tester, even though the real model differs. The test body and the real thing differ very much. The Ferrari Dino is coming for around $150,000 in 2008, 2009, and its competition the new NSX, which will compete with the Enzo (3.4), the Murcielago (3.4) and the MC12 (3.6). The new 5.5L V10 can outrun the Carrera GT (3.7) even. Pushing 550hp with a possible SH-AWD system, making its 0-60 3.4, and top speed of 205mph. Top speed the new NSX won't have the advantage unless they make the gear ratio's different. Google it and get back to me (2009 NSX). Youtube it if you want to see it being tested on the track.

  6. I can see why many people think this Dino is a Photoshop of the Cayman. In fact it looks like Ferrari took the Cayman body, slapped on a Ferrari grill, added a bit of Ruf CTR3 on the rear flank, then pasted on a Z4 coupe butt. The looks of this car would have been interesting 3 years ago but now it is just an absurd knock-off. O where art thou Peninferina?

  7. you photo shop guys are on crack it is real its on auto express it has similar lines and all but the dino is longer is definitely real how do you know it wasn't Porsche that made there caymen to look like the old dino . so before you jump to conclusions do some research you will see that it is real

  8. Fake or not though this picture may be, there are others out there that claim to have photo'd a 599-chassis based mule that they think is part of the new Dino development. Regardless, I'd predict that if they bring this thing out at that price point, they will sell an absolute ton of them. 5,000 a year will go like hotcakes and there will be a waiting list as soon as they decide to open up pre-orders.

    It's probably also going to be the death knell for Maserati – I can't imagine anyone buying a Coupe or Spyder if this Dino is available.

    What strikes me the most about this story is that the whole concept seems very different to the original Dinos – this is going to be quite a powerful car with a lot of luxury items by the look of it, not quite the "budget Ferrari that Mr. F. didn't want called a Ferrari" ethic of the original.

    I'm looking forward to this…

  9. I have to disagree with you Ricardipus, the Maserati is what everyone wants, high end luxury at a lower price. The Dino is going to be tens of thousands higher than it's sister, the GranTurismo. You will get the same features in the GT as the Dino, you're just paying for the same. The smart buyer will see that they would rather pay 110-115 for a new GT rather than 150 for a new Dino with the same specs and features. -René

  10. This car looks B-E-A-utiful, personally i think ferrari should sell it in the price range of the new BMW m3(that's only if they want to sell 5000 units per year) this way people can save for a magnificent ferrari

  11. Ferrari does have plans for a 2010 dino in the price range we are talking about, however i doubt that this "prototype" is what the actull car wil look like, these pictures are clearly a 599 Modified by photo editing software, they did use the 599 body to test the engine for the 420 but that is it.. i will be incredibly disapointed by ferrari if it looks like these pictures

  12. All you guys are out of whack, though that might be forgiven seeing as most comments were posted before this info came out, so…FYI: The new Ferrari will not be called the Dino. It will be called the California and it is more of a GT than a supercar. And it sure as hell does not look as ugly as the one shown.

    Taylor…what the hell do I say to you? Why would you lie so naively? I know that this is the Internet, but if you're going to lie, at least lie convincingly. And if by some chance you do own a Bentley, you don't deserve it.

    As for Butkiss…you don't have an Enzo. A lie of this caliber is even worse than Taylor's. There's not even a if-you-did-you-don't-deserve-it scenario, because you don't. You just don't. And no, the Ferrari California will not kick the Enzo's ass.

    And as for Tyce…you're an idiot. Where the hell did you get the idea that Ferrari would sell one of their models as a competitor to the freakin' M3? That's like saying a BMW is as prestigious, as, well, a Ferrari. Can't say I blame that kind of wishful thinking though.

    And Alex, I'll bet that your uncle does not have one on order… because the above car does not freakin' exist.

  13. I agree with demon blade.

    but I think that its unethical to argue over somthing like this.

    What if the car is real what if it isnt? personally I dont give a sh-t. Whether it's real or not has nothing to do with me

  14. I just want to say thank you to those that bring a level of personal integrity and class, which should be associated with the Ferrari name. You are my people.

  15. you people omg! this is sooooo fake! i don't believe how blind people can be… its a porsche cayman that has been photoshopped…wooooow the people that say it is the new dino, are the people who watch top gear every week and because they do so, they think they know everything about cars holy mother peeps! stop being so blind, look at the porsche cayman publicity photos, and see that the person photoshoped it from those photos… and anyway, when ferrari releases publicity pictures for their new cars, its in a dark room where the ferrari is the only object in the picture!

  16. We know it wasn't a real picture – Ferrari obviously hadn't released anything at the time so we had to use a "speculation" photo or a rendering from a fan.

    1. The car is 250,000 i will be dead before i can pay for even half of it,thanks but no job i ever get will land me this car. the country is not the same as when you were young. All hope for the american dream is gone for this 45 year old man. My only hope for this car is if God gives me one for a door prize at the gates of heven.

    2. You are right that this country is not the same as we once knew, the challenges that we have all been faced with is something I would have never have thought I would have experienced in our lifetime,as long as there is hope and determination we all will survive, I always keep saying everything happens for a reason,Hope to see you at the wedding…hang in there:)

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