Volkswagen Golf GTD Diesel Gets 190HP From ABT


See, I TOLD you it cold be done. I’ve been waiting for some tuning outfit or another to have a go at building up a high performance diesel, and ABT, a group that usually does high horsepower Audis, just got their hands and parts bin on Volkswagens latest Golf diesel.

The bottom line seems to be more power but still the ability to return diesel MPG figures. OK, let’s go.

German tuning specialist ABT’s version of VW’s new Golf GTD sure looks like a tuner ride, doesn’t it? And everything about the specs sounds like a typical tuner ride. And then you realize it’s a diesel, and it takes on a whole new meaning.

The stock GTD’s 2.0-liter turbocharged diesel plant gets a modest boost in horsepower, gaining another 20 ponies, bumping the final output to 190 horsepower. It also gets a 40 Nm increase in the grunt department, bringing that total to a very respectable 390 Nm, or 288 lb-ft, of maximum torque. Not bad in a car of this size and weight.


All that modifying gives the ABT Volkswagen Golf GTD Diesel a new 0-100km/h of 7.1 seconds, down from the stock acceleration time of 8.1 seconds. This is according to ABT just in case you want to be all suspicious and stuff. The top speed gets a slight bump from 222 km/h up to 230 km/h or 143mph.

ABT also added a sport suspension that drops the oil burner’s ride height by about 30mm, and they also threw in a new exhaust system with a throatier sound, and I like the quad exhausts too. Yes, this is a tuner, so there’s also a full body kit. The kit looks a lot like ABT’s add ons for the current GTI. You get a front spoiler, side sills, front grille, rear spoiler and a rather handsome rear apron with an integral diffuser that shows off the quad tailpipes. Wheels? Either 18- or 19-inch alloys wrapped in high-performance tires complete the package.


No word on what the MPG figures are, but you know it would be fun to run on bio-D, and have the last laugh on a Prius driver or two.

Source: CarScoop

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