McLaren MP4-12C Coming To America


Looks like McLaren is pretty serious with its new, in house, MP4-12C sportscar. Announced scant weeks ago, the McLaren MP4-12C is the grand prix teams second entry into building road cars that people like you and I could buy if we were super rich. Their first road car, the F1, was pretty much a smashing success by every measurement. So calling the MP4-12C a successor is a bit of a misnomer. But one thing we can call it is “inbound”, because McLaren says they’re going to sell the car here in America.

Getting the F1 here to America was, ironically, the only thing the car did not succeed at, officially at least. The McLaren F1 had to be brought in through loopholes, with considerable delays, costs and modifications. Through the gray market in other words. A few lucky, and very rich people like Ralph Lauren are owners of the F1, but the new McLaren MP4-12C will come in through the front door. According to reports, America figures large in the Woking based outfit’s plans.

Not only has McLaren appointed a regional manger for North America and Europe, but they have also lined up managers for the Middle East and Africa, meaning that McLaren is not going to let any possible sales go unattended.

As far as North America is concerned, the main offices will be based somewhere in the New York area and will be headed by one Anthony Joseph. Joseph is a former regional manager for Porsche, Ferrari and Maserati, so he not only knows high performance, limited run sportscars, but also the sorts of people who buy them.

His first task will be to set up ten dealer franchises in the United States and Canada. No word on where those franchises will be, but you could hazard a guess that the car lots will be where there’s lots of money to be had (e.g. places like L.A.).

McLaren is planning on sales beginning in the spring of 2011. So, if you have the money and the garage space, you might to be making some calls to England.

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