Alfa Romeo MiTo Quadrifoglio Verde with 170HP


Here is yet another hot Alfa to covet: The MiTo Quadrifoglio Verde with 170HP 1.4-liter turbo engine. This is Alfa’s answer and a half to BMW’s Mini Cooper, think of it as being sort of bigger than a Fiat 500, yet still small and city-sized. Those considerations are kind of beside the point for me. Smaller means lighter, and lighter means faster, so I’m all for a car like the MiTo to start with. Stuff a bigger engine in it, and I like it even more.

The sporty Quadrifoglio Verde is powered by Alfa’s revolutionary new 1.4-liter MultiAir turbo engine that cranks out 170HP which is 15 more ponies than the turbo engine in the slightly more pedestrian 1.4L TBi model. And that power is transferred to the front wheels, and thence to the tarmac through a newly developed “C635” six-speed gearbox. I’m sure it’s a nice tranny, but there really needs to be more semi-auto paddle sifter out there (if you ask me).

Alfa says the MiTo Quadrifoglio Verde will do 0 to 62 mph in a little over 7 seconds, and gets a highway MPG rating of 49 mpg US. Not bad at all. And in case you’re wondering, it puts out 139 g/km of CO2.

Suspension-wise Alfa has equipped the MiTo Quadrifoglio Verde with its Dynamic Suspension system that it worked on with Magneti Marelli. There are four electronically controlled shock absorbers, five accelerometric sensors, a control unit and an interface for the three different settings: Normal, All Weather and Dynamic (whatever that might be).

Alfa also added such goodies as 17-inch alloy wheels finished in satin titanium. The same material is also used for the headlight and tail lamp frames as well as for the outside rear view mirrors. And on the inside there’s different fabric used to upholster the seats, the dashboard and there’s white lighting on the instrument panel.

OK you might say, that’s all very well and good and cool and fast, but so what? So what is this: Fiat now runs Chrysler, and they will be bringing both Fiat models and also ushering in the return of Alfa to our shores. Does that mean we could see the Alfa Romeo MiTo Quadrifoglio Verde over here? Let’s hope so.

Source: CarScoop

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