Crisis? What Crisis? Caterham Increases Production By 10 Percent, Hires More Workers


So what’s all this that I hear that there’s some sort of crisis in the automotive world. That sales are down, factories are closing and whole brands are disappearing off the face of the Earth. If that is happening, it ain’t happening to Caterham, makers of one of the best sportscars available anywhere for any price.

Ah Caterham, how do I love thee? Light, tight and handle right with a “We don’t care” attitude about things like paint or weather protection. No, they’re not for everyone, but they are seemingly for enough people that Caterham is actually increasing production and hiring more people to work at its assembly facilities.

“Our international sales drive is delivering the results thanks not only to favorable exchange rates but more importantly the quality of business partners we have established in markets including France, Italy, Japan and Germany,” said Ansar Ali, Caterham Cars managing director.

Sure, that sounds like a reasonable explanation, especially for Japan, where they’ve always been crazy for these little guys. And let’s face it, having a Caterham Seven in a place like France, Italy, or Germany must be a real hoot. The roads in those countries are some of the best there are, not to mention the thought of taking your Seven for little jaunt around the ‘Ring … OK, just a moment … had to catch my breath there.

Now, where were we? Ah yes.

An increased demand for the Caterham Seven incited the rise in production capacity. The overall increase is around ten percent from 2009 production levels up to about 420 units. Yes, I know, that’s not very many, but it IS an increase, now isn’t it. Caterham also said that it would take on extra workers in the production department to help manage the increased workload as the company’s order book is already full up until mid-October of this year. Oh, if only Chrysler or GM had such problems (only on a larger scale).

Like any good business, Caterham made projections and planned ahead for this year, but they say that growth from markets worldwide has exceeded expectations for 2009.

So, if you were planning on ringing up the U.S. distributor of Caterhams (which is still Rocky Mountain Sportscars in Colorado, I believe) and putting in an order, you might have to wait a bit longer.

Source: CarScoop

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