Gold Plated BMW M5


This is a bit old, so forgive me if you’ve heard of this ridiculous story already.

But- it seems like one dude, after suffering from a distorted “pimp sense” and chronic inferiority syndrome, decided to fix up his life and boost his self esteem… plating his BMW M5 in gold, complete with a chrome (platinum?) racing stripe.

There are several parts I don’t understand about his decision. First off, why? Second, if your self esteem was truly that low, why plate a M5? I assume that he is not short of money, with gold hovering at around 1000 dollars an ounce, so why not plate your Ferrrari? Or Bentley? Or Rolls? And third, if you get clipped, scratched, dented, or impacted in any way, it’s gonna be GOLD that falls off your car, instead of paint. Not to mention the problem of thieves trying to shave off your handles.

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Source: Jalopnik

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  1. mika

    Dear poster i’m not sure if u have done any research before posting this and occusing the owner in having LOW SELF ESTEEM and ‘PIMP SENSE” the car is just covered in GOLD COLORED DECALS/VINYL , the whole thing cost about 40000 RUBLES which is around 2000 dollars its less money than painting a honda civic in plat white color in the USA

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