Is Subaru Moving Into German Territory?


Is Subaru Moved Into German Territory? Or more precisely, “Has the 2010 Subaru Legacy Moved Into German Territory?” was the brief question offered up by the fine folks at Edmund’s the other day. Whether it was a coincidence or not, I happened to be thinking the same thing.

I dunno, I’m one of those guys that’s always window shopping for cars. As a writer, I do a lot of walking. Because writing is really re-writing, and editing and going over things in your head until they’re more or less right. While I’m walking, I notice a lot of cars. I think a lot about stuff like “If I had XX dollars and XX number of garage spaces to use, what would I buy?” I’ve found that a lot of gearheads think the same way.

One of the things I’m always thinking about is, ironically enough, what would be a good practical car. Yeah, I know. I’m a real sports car guy, and if I had a ten-car garage, nine of the slots would have two-seaters … but that tenth slot would have to be something, sadly, practical.

I’m also kind of paranoid. “What if I’d have to get up and over The Donner Pass in mid-February?” Sure, some sort of huge truck answers that question, but I live in a heavily urban environment.

It’s hard not to notice things like all the BMW wagons with all wheel drive and Mercedes 4Matic wagons, and, of course, Audis. Audi would be a good default car for my imaginary garage … except for the fact that they’re kind of expensive, and what if I’m in the middle Utah in January and I run into car trouble? No, something more prosaic and reliable is in order … and it’s hard to get more practical than a Subaru. I used to rally, and Subarus were always good answer for what kind of rally car a person should get.

So there I am, with thoughts of practical cars in my imaginary garage running through my head when I come across this:

“According to correspondent Peter Lyon, the all-new 2010 Subaru Legacy is a legitimate rival to the Audi A4 and BMW 3 Series. Strong words from our man in Japan, but he swears that the Subaru team was intent on building a true luxury sport sedan this time around.”

Well no kidding. And does Edmunds mean by ” … building a true luxury sport sedan this time around.” This time around? OK, yeah sure … Subys can up the Luxo quotient a little, that wouldn’t hurt, especially going up against the Germans (so much for the Teutons being all Spartan, huh?).

And maybe the Japanese automaker isn’t ready to take a real crack at BMW and Mercedes yet (besides, isn’t that Acura, Lexus and Infiniti’s gig?), but if you look at something like an Audi A4, and compare it to a Subaru Legacy, in either sedan or wagon/Avant forms, they are really, really comparable.

Edmunds might just be right. Subaru cold be a real brand to watch.

Source: Edmunds

Photo from Flickr user OWENthatsmyname

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