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David RichertHi, my name is David Richert and I am here to share with you a little bit about what I am up to in my life as a professional race car driver.

Seeing as this is my first blog it may be a good idea to take the time and introduce myself to you. I am 26 years old and reside just outside of Winnipeg, Manitoba where I have lived my entire life. I grew up on a family farm just outside the town of Niverville and did all of my schooling in the community. Our farm consisted of chicken eggs, pigs, and about 1600 acres of land for growing crops. My daily job was to gather the eggs in our 9,000 hen chicken barn, needless to say it was a fairly long and tedious job at first. But with time, I was able to gather all 9,000 eggs in about an hour and half…and I\’m proud to say that my personal record is 1hr 10 mins, yes I am almost as quick in the barn as on the race track.

Growing up- my passion, like many other young Canadians, was to be a hockey player. My life revolved around the sport of hockey and it is all I would think or talk about. Stories are recounted to me of how my teachers in elementary school actually banned me from referring to hockey in any of my assignments as I somehow had a knack for turning everything into a hockey analogy. The peas on my dinner plate would break out into a hockey game or my grandma would have to wait while holding the car door open to let all of the imaginary hockey players into the car with me. Hockey was life.

It wasn\’t until many years later when I started to develop a passion for auto racing. I remember sitting in front of the television and watching a Formula 1 Grand Prix event. It intrigued me. Maybe it was the speed, the glamor, or just watching a human being try to control such a quick machine. My passion for the sport grew and I began to learn more and more about it. An opportunity came up to attend the 2001 United States Grand Prix held at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. It was there that I stood in the upper deck seating on the front straight, I looked down at the cars streaking by, and decided that I would much rather be down in the cars driving than up in the stands watching.

Jetta TDI cup

This event set things in motion and I haven\’t looked back since. I could fill pages of text recounting events of the past 7 years…and if the interest is there, I will do so, but let\’s fast forward to the present date.

I am now racing as a driver for the world\’s 3rd largest automobile manufacture, Volkswagen. From a group of 3,900 drivers from across North America, I was fortunate enough to be selected as one of the top young drivers. This earned me the right to compete in a newly formed race series called the Jetta TDI Cup. The series consists of 10 races at many of this continent\’s most famous facilities, many of the events taking place in conjunction with major grand prix weekends such as Grand Am and American Le Mans Series races where tens of thousands of spectators are enjoying the festivities.

In the weeks to come I will take you behind the scenes and provide a little insight into what life is like as a race car driver.

Till next time…

David Richert was selected by Volkswagen as one of the top up and coming young race car drivers in North America. David will compete with Volkswagen for the entire 2009 Jetta TDI Cup season. This marks the second season that David has competed in Volkswagen’s ‘Clean Diesel’ powered race series. For further information and updates on the career of David Richert, please visit

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  1. Tom

    Quite an interesting history. As a big fan of this site and it’s writers I look forward to what you will have to add. Cheers.

  2. Kansas City oil change

    That’s awesome, David.  Getting to race the Le Mans circuit and be selected as one of the top young drivers for VW is quite an accomplishment.

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