Winner of the Top Gear Season 10 DVDs Announced

Top Gear Season 10 DVD coverTwo weeks ago we started a contest for readers of to win two copies of the new Top Gear Season 10 on DVD. All they had to do was come up with the best and most creative new challenge for the Top Gear guys to do. The best two entries win.

We got some really good ideas, and it was hard for us to choose just one winner, but here they are:


Being the way that the economy is, I would like to see Top Gear save some money and get some \’not so good\’ cars off the road. What the three hosts, and possibly the Stig as well, should be given 500 punds each to purchase a older car and enter into a demolition derby. It would Give Mr. May some retaliation towards the other two presenters. It is not about speed but who has purchased the best car and can last the longest. And it would make some good television.


I want to seem them take normal town cars and strip them down (even the engine) to see which is the best car to “Flintstone” around town.

I will be contacting the winners via email to have their DVDs sent to their home. writers Tony and Will also came up with some very good ideas:


From Land\’s End to John O\’ Groats via Citroen 2CVs?

Can any of the hosts make it through a slalom quicker than The Stig; the hosts drive forwards & The Stig drives backwards?

Can they make it from London to Edinburgh in a Bugatti Veyron quicker than a commuter airline flight?

Who\’s quicker doing a lap of the \’Ring in Forza Motorsports, the hosts, The Stig, or some British kid?

I especially like the last one!


How about actually designing a car? Get all the hosts together, along with the Stig, and have them each design their own car. Have it custom made, and then see who\’s car is the fastest around the Top Gear track. Their constantly critiquing cars, so let\’s see how they do when given the chance to make their own.

All entrants to this contest are being sent to the BBC, so hopefully they like some of these ideas and use them in the show. Head on over to the Top Gear Contest page to read the rest of the entries.

Thanks to all the participants in this contest, and don’t worry, we’ll be having another Top Gear contest here soon.

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