Win a Copy of Top Gear Season 10 on DVD

Top Gear Season 10 DVD coverBy now, I’m sure you’ve all seen an episode of the insanely popular British car show, Top Gear. If not, go record an episode on your DVR now, or check out the Top Gear Youtube Channel.

For the rest of us, BBC has just released Top Gear Season 10 on DVD, and we have four copies to give out! Keep reading for details.

If you recall, in Season 10 Jeremy and the boys crossed the English Channel in their own amphibious cars, raced a jet fighter in a Bugatti Veyron, drove across the Kalahari Desert in 20-year-old clunkers, raced motorhomes, drove the world’s smallest car, drove the amazing Caparo T1 street/F1 car, and quite a bit more. They also showcased some excellent cars such as the Aston Martin V8 Vantage, Audi R8 and RS4, Rolls Royce Drophead, Ferrari 599 & 430 Scuderia, Lamborghini Reventon, and more.

Season 10 was a season to remember, and here are the details to win your own copy…

Top Gear Caravan Race

We’re all familiar with the crazy challenges that the producers give Clarkson and the boys, such as turning a minivan in to a convertible, buying their own semi-trucks and racing them, racing motorhomes, and turning regular cars into limousines (one of my favorites.)

Here’s how you win:

Come up with what you think the guys from Top Gear should do for their next challenge. It can be anything, and be creative! Leave your answer below in the comments section.

The two people with the best suggestions win! The winner will be chosen on May 18th, so be sure to have your entries in by 5/17/2009.

We will be giving away two more Season 10 DVDs after this contest, so check back often.


12 Comments on "Win a Copy of Top Gear Season 10 on DVD"

  1. Thought it sounded like fun, so I’ll give it a try!

    Recently, VW released a new promo site for the GTI which featured the GTI as a Scalectrix car which you can control online.

    How about the guys from TopGear setup a life-size model of a Scalextrix track, complete with dodgem-style cheapo cars and fix them to the track? The 2 contestants are then only allowed to control the acceleration of the cars (whilst they’re in them), and if they’re too slow they’ll get beaten, and if they’re too quick then they’ll crash off the track.

    Obviously the dodgem-cars will need to be fitted with rollbars, safety etc etc – but should look pretty cool anyway!

    What do you think – kind of a weird idea!

  2. Tony

    From Land’s End to John O’ Groats via Citroen 2CVs?

    Can any of the hosts make it through a slalom quicker than The Stig; the hosts drive forwards & The Stig drives backwards?

    Can they make it from London to Edinburgh in a Bugatti Veyron quicker than a commuter airline flight?

    Who’s quicker doing a lap of the ‘Ring in Forza Motorsports, the hosts, The Stig, or some British kid?

  3. How about something like the Transsyberia Rally? Moscow to Vladivostok in 1500 quid 4x4s, with 1500 quid worth of modifications? I mean seriously, its only 6,600 kilometers.

  4. Will

    How about actually designing a car? Get all the hosts together, along with the Stig, and have them each design their own car. Have it custom made, and then see who’s car is the fastest around the Top Gear track. Their constantly critiquing cars, so let’s see how they do when given the chance to make their own.

  5. Sports race car

    I have bought the DVD and saw it. Its really cool.I have bought the DVD and saw it. Its really cool.

  6. Shanmanmv

    They should be given a few thousand dollars each to buy cheap light weight rear wheel drive cars. When they have chosen their cars they should have a drift competition between the three hosts. The competition should be judged by professional drifters. They should then be scored based on their drifting and the two presenters who score the highest should then have a tandem drift to determine the best drifter of the three.

  7. Ali Oftadeh

    Top Gear is great and fun,
    1)They can do more tests on off road cars in real off road situation,
    2)Doing more test on hybrid and electrical cars and commercial vehicles,

  8. Daniel

    Toyota Prius VS Honda Insight
    Fastest Scooter on track
    Fastest SUV on track
    Fastest RV on track
    Fastest commerical chopper (bike)

  9. Samantha

    Being the way that the economy is, I would like to see Top Gear save some money and get some ‘not so good’ cars off the road. What the three hosts, and possibley the Stig as well, should be given 500 punds each to purchase a older car and enter into a demolition derby. It would Give Mr. May some retaliation towards the other two presenters. It is not about speed but who has purchased the best car and can last the longest. And it would make some good television.

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