O.CT Tuning Boehler concept.BS3, A 328HP Audi S3


As we head into the weekend, how about we get to happy hour a little bit early. God knows I need it, after watching those knuckle dragging baboons in D.C. fail to grasp, yet again, the urgency of our problems. But I digress … what\’s a happy hour without a little wonton consumption of, in our car, gasoline. Yes, talk about getting drunk on power, imagine getting drunk on 328 HP, all stuffed into a small package like Audi\’s S3.

I\’ve always liked Audi\’s 3 series, both the A, and, naturally the S3 sport version. I think it was really unfortunate that Audi didn\’t bring the car over here sooner (how long was this thing available in Europe anyway?), and I\’m still pretty miffed that they are keeping the 3 door variant all to their Euro-selves.


Naturally, the Euro-based tuners have been at the 3 series for a while now, and some of the stuff that\’s rolled out has been pretty impressive.

Take for example O.CT Tuning’s new “Boehler concept.BS3”. Yeah, quite a mouthful, they could work on their nomenclature, for a start. Anyway, if you happen to have 99,950 Sfr (roughly €67,200 or $87,200 US with the current exchange rates) sitting around, and a garage somewhere in Europe to keep the beast when at rest, then O.CT Tuning would like to talk with you. The Boehler concept.BS3 is a limited run of 100 units, that features O.CT Tuning’s Stage 3 engine kit that includes a specially developed ECU, a sport exhaust system, improved air intake system and an additional intercooler.


The massaged S3’s 2.0 TFSI engine cranks out 328HP and 425 Nm of torque. Which is up from the Euro standard S3\’s 265HP and 350 Nm. A healthy increase in both areas.

The Austrian tuner (ah, that explains the funny name, Austrians are the same guys that think Schwarzenegger is a normal sounding name) claim the BS3 does zero to 100 km/h (62 mph) almost a full second quicker than the stock S3 (5.7 sec) while top speed rises from 250 km/h to a hefty 265 km/h (165mph). That top speed is impressive for a car that small, and, for a German, relatively light. I bet at 160+ it\’s quite a ride.


Naturally it\’s not just a high output engine. You also get fully adjustable O.CT Coilover Suspension and an 8-piston braking system with 372 mm discs/rotors, which normally would sound excessive, but I bet brakes that big come in hand when hauling it down from the mid-hundreds of MPH.



Of course the body gets a working over. There\’s an aerodynamic package designed by Swiss Styling Expert Color Concept Boehler (again with the names). The fenders are noticeably widened to allow the use of a considerably bigger wheel-tire combination. The wheels are two piece, forged MÖZ-Wheels, 9 x 20 inches up front and 10 x 20 inches at the back. The boss meats are Yokohama Advan Sport tires with 245/30 R 20 and 255/30 R 20, front & back. And lastly, the kit also comes with carbon fiber Add-ons for the engine, battery and air intake, natch.

So there you have it, you lucky rich Euro-bastards, another fun variant on Audi\’s S3 that you get to play with (if you have the Euros), and we get to lust after.

Source: CarScoop

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  1. Balthazar the Tongsm

    Yet another reason to move to Europe! I fell in love with the A3 3-door many years ago. It inspired me to buy an '03 GTI (as a blow-up lovedoll is to a supermodel, so my GTI was to an A3…still, I was happy. enough…) Back when I was crazy enough to drive with adventure, I would have loved one of these 328 HP wonder wagons. Alas, my older and mellow (and miserly) self must now I must be content with riding the bus and reading such articles. Everyone is much safer that way. Please keep up with the Euro Automotive Techno-Porn, Antonio! (I guess that makes you my virtual automotive blow-up doll, now, Tony. xo)


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