Wacky Russians Build Hot Rod Pick-up From Cadillac Escalade


OK, we just couldn\’t let this one slide. Check out what those Russians have been up to this winter: A GAZ 51 truck based hot rod that sits on a Caddy Escalade running gear.

There\’s so much weirdness going on here it\’ll take a while to explain.

Most people outside of Russia have never heard of GAZ. GAZ in the #1 truck manufacturer in Russia, and was also #1 in the great and glorious Soviet Union. GAZ (all-caps, and it\’s some sort of acronym that 9 out of 10 of you couldn\’t pronounce in your wildest dreams) mad all of the FSU\’s military trucks. Huge duce-and-a-half like things that could carry forward Josef Stalin\’s externalized paranoia all the way to Paris come hell or high water or everything that NATO saw fit to throw their way. GAZ also made delivery trucks and jeep like deals and all sorts of heavy, wheeled vehicles.

The original GAZ 51s looked like this:


So, someone making a modern hot rod interpretation of a GAZ 51 is sort of like Chip Foose doing a modern hot rod interpretation of a WW II era Dodge Power Wagon (hey, that sounds like a pretty cool idea).

The GAZ 51 is still in progress, but even in this state it looks pretty good. It\’s the work of a company called ‘Grande-Garage\’. It rides on the running gear of a Cadillac Escalade EXT, and it is a one-off creation rumored to be built for a Russian plutocrat (i.e. a filthy rich Russian).






Source: CarScoop

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  1. Used trucks

    Well the firts pic is looking like if the car is a toy car and that too with eyes on it …. lol

    but yea its really cool … wud like to have one if such models get available in our area.

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