Extreme Bentley Concept to be Unveiled at Geneva

Extreme Bentley Concept

Bentley announced they will be unveiling their latest concept car at the 2009 Geneva Auto Show in March. Unimaginatively dubbed “Extreme Bentley,” the new car will be based on Bentley’s new-ish belief in biofuel. This ethanol-guzzling concept looks to be based on the Continental GT, but will beat the GT’s 4 second 0-60 time and 202 mph top speed, becoming the “fastest, most powerful production [Bentley] ever” according to Bentley.

Ethanol-based fuel such as E85 may be cleaner burning, but it gets significantly worse fuel economy than gasoline alone. While I applaud Bentley for thinking ahead with alternative fuel, I’m not sure this is the right time to be releasing a supercar that gets much worse fuel economy than an already fuel inefficient supercar.

Keep reading for Bentley’s teaser video for the Extreme Concept:

Also check out ExtremeBentley.com for their mini-site about the car.

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