Ferrari 360 Modena kit

Ferrari 360 Modena Replica – It Looks Good!

Weird, this is the first Ferrari 360 Modena replica I’ve ever seen that actually looks good! Now that I think about it, it’s one of the only kit cars in general that looks good. Yeah, that picture up there is the kit, not the real 360.

The Ferrari 360 Modena happens to be my favorite car of all time, and while there aren’t very many kits out there for it, there are a few I’ve seen…and they’re hideous. Take this horrendous example:

Bad Ferrari 360 Modena Kit

Sorry to whoever made this, but that looks terrible, and wouldn’t fool anybody. It doesn’t even have the glass covering the engine! C’mon, that’s part of the 360’s character.

Anyway, this kit from Extreme Cars looks great, and being such a 360 Modena lover I’d say I’m pretty critical (or is it cynical?) It can even be converted from a 2-seater to a family-hauling 4-seater. That’s pretty impressive. It’s built on the Peugeot 406 as opposed to an MR2 or Fiero, which attributes to the accuracy. From what I can tell it’s of high quality, and each panel is spaced correctly, showing the craftsmanship is good. The rear of the car is surprisingly accurate, other than the lack of tailpipes, unless I’m missing something here:

Ferrari 360 Modena Kit - Rear

The most surprising thing on the car is the attention to detail, giving it every badge, shield and detail that the genuine car has. The 3.0-liter V6 is front-mounted (giving it the 4-seater capability,) but if you know the 360 Modena, the clear hatch showcasing the engine has been a problem for past kits. This offers that same clear cover, and has a faux-engine back there. If you look closely, you can tell it’s fake, but it’s still a very good job, and someone who doesn’t know this car inside and out could not tell the difference.

Ferrari 360 Modena Kit - Detail

Not including the donor Peugeot 406, the complete kit costs 6,000 GBP, or around $11,360 USD. Certainly not cheap, but considering the quality and accuracy, it might just be worth it. Don’t go out and buy it just yet though, the “complete” kit isn’t quite complete. The wheels shown cost an extra $1,900 to $2,900, and the wheel spacers to make them look right cost another $748. We aren’t done yet. The essential original badging costs $340, the headlights $1,700 per pair, and the tail lights are $473. OK, that’s just the exterior. Because I’m sure you want to spend even more, the interior kit is $950, and if you want to do the 2-seat conversion (it stays 4-seat otherwise,) that will cost you around $1,150.

Ferrari 360 Modena Kit - Engine

Needless to say, if you want the car as close to the authentic version as possible, all this is necessary. With some quick math, that comes up to around $20,000, plus the cost of the donor Peugeot, plus the cost of installing it. You do have a couple of options though. If you get lucky, you can catch a turnkey car on their website ($47,000 to $57,000,) but not get it exactly how you want it, or they will do the installation for you for a mere $20,800.

Those prices don’t even include the poly-carbonate windows, the standard lowering springs, or the coil-over suspension, but I’m sick of doing conversions from GBP to USD 😛 I know it seems expensive, but this is as close to a real 360 Modena you are going to get, without spending closer to $150,000. Plus, the insurance will be much cheaper. Their next project includes an all-wheel-drive version with two 3.0 L V6’s; one in the front and one in the rear.

UPDATE: Please read member comments below before considering purchasing this body kit.

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  1. @ Lance The Small Penis Kid

    I think the whole point is nobody f-cking cares about what you have to say, nor do they care about your adolescent car rental fantasies. As for your comment about people here being immigrants, you must be f-cking stupid to make a comment like that. Have you read your own illiterate posts? Your grammar is pathetic. Now go eat some of mommies curry and let the adults talk.

    You f-cking worm.

  2. Lance you are still talking about the same sh-t as you were over 12 months ago….. TAKE NOTE We dont give a dam about school boys fantasy talk of hiring cars!! Now go do your homework and tell your friends on MSM that you have a fantasy about hiring a maybach as they might care as we clearly do not. Any one can google and find someone who hires a maybach, again you prove nothing and come across as a obnoxious little f-ck…..Now get out of our faces.

  3. SR is f-cking spam, how come they dont even have a single comments on their youtube vides, its very obvious, from the quality of videos and their fake acting…still smartass way to fool ppl, coz there r abviously dump ppl who can waste money on this sh-t!

  4. Hi my name is Guillermo Mejillas but people call me Memo for short.

    I am writing on this to give you information about Super Replica and my experiences I had with them.

    First of all I bought two cars from them.

    The one was a Reventon and the other a Ferrari FXX.

    At first I was distruting because I read some negative things about them on this scam alert.

    I spoke with a Tony Sinclair and he told me this was only created by jealous kit builders trying to make money by asking the customers to join them and also to buy their replicas.

    So I believed this explaination and gave Super Replicas a deposit.

    Everything was okay I got some photos of each stage, but then I got scared and I decided not to pay for the last stage completion payment, because I was contacted by someone from another kit builder in the UK.

    He said dont trust them so I asked Tony Sinclair for my money back but he said they cannot return my money because when I signed the agreement I accepted the conditions of the policy in the website.

    The policy says you can only receive a refund if you cancel 14 days after the first deposit is paid.

    After reading this I was confused and I said it is not worth throwing all the money I have invested away, so I decided to finish paying for the two cars.

    My friends told me I was crazy because I would not get the cars, but I really had no choice either I pay the remaining balance or forfeit all my money.

    I decided to take the risk and I paid the money. Unfortunatley, Tony Sinclair did not keep his promise he told me I would get the cars in eight weeks.

    After eight weeks the cars did not arrive. I contacted Tony Sinclair and he said sorry there was a delay in the shipping because I did not pay the delivery costs of $1500.

    Now, I was frustrated and i felt like Tony was deceiving me to get more money from me, but he reassured me that I only paid for the two cars and not for the shipping costs.

    I was very nervous now because I did not allow for this in my budget so I had to get a loan for $3000 to pay for the shipping costs of two cars.

    After the loan was approved I sent the money to Super replicas and then I had waited another three weeks and still I received nothing.

    I contacted Tony Sinclair again and this time he was not so helpful and said he was busy. He told me the shipping broker was responsable for the cargo and it was coming soon.

    I was disappointed in Super Replicas because they were not being honest with me at the beginning and informing me about the addiditonal cost for shipping. If you want any more information.

    My email is [email protected]

    Memo Mejillas –

  5. Hi Memo,

    Did you ever receive the cars out of curiosity?

    I have no interest in buying one of these, have just ordered a new real F430 as treat to myself for my 25th birthday after alot of hard work and was getting all excited looking at youtube videos of the new car where i came accross the SR company which intrigued me, would be good to know if you did receive your cars in the end, I hope you did as its a bad thought to think you would have lost a fair amount of money!

    Let me know!

    Thanks, Dean

    1. Dean,

      When is your F430 arriving? Post some pics and vids, will you? I would personally prefer the F430 Spyder.


  6. We here at super replica are a fraud.. Hey what can we say?..there's a sucker born every minute


  7. Guys, I have a question: if SR is a scam, why does Jim Jet Nielson have their logo on his actual car, setting a new world record?

    Answer this one guys…

  8. honestly it really doesn't matter. until sr produces a kit on us soil we wil allways believe they are scammers


  9. Here's more proof that SR is a scam effort! They've given up on creating BS Wikipedia entries and cloned their own (poorly done) Wikipedia site.

    Note that the clone effort is POORLY done, but these guys have a history of doing a piss poor job cloning legitimate website. Note the lack of ability to edit the article or comment. They've set up a fake facebook portal as well and do not exist on either of the real web sites (FB or Wikipedia).

  10. I have 2 friends who got ripped by SR and one friend who got a flying spur clone from them….so go figure…..

  11. @Kitking I go back and forth with myself on SR's reputation daily. I've contacted people who have done business with SR and MOST say don't do it, and a very small number of them said after jumping through hoops they finally got the car of their dreams. I'm thinking of taking a trip to SR myself. If your friend who has purchased the Fly Spur Clone send pics to [email protected] it would be greatly appreciated.

  12. Lol, it is just not possible to build a clone of such a car in the conditions you see on YouTube videos, no lighting, no finished cars in background, they don’t even spray the car in an oven for gods sake, google “ferrari factory” and see just what it takes to build cars to those standards, in contrast to just a couple of guys crawling around on a dirty old warehouse floor banging some old pieces of welded steel together, IT’S HILARIOUS! This sorta clever scam preys on the inner child in all of us that thinks maybe, just maybe this is real and I can own a Ferrari or Lamborghini for pocket change, but stand back and ask yourself…. where are the happy customers with their finished cars, 20k each you’d imagine there would be a few getting around now, Scam Scam SCAM!!!

  13. Super Replicas ( Daniel John Seppings ) aka: Tony Sinclair

    If anyone has ANY information on persons that have fell victim to the SR scam please email me directly.

    Below are pictures of Daniel John Seppings and Rither Varca taken in David Panama.

    Please contact me if you or anyone you know has had a documented fraudulent transaction with any entity associated with these persons.

    [email protected]

  14. Loving this site and really interested in these kits. Which company supply the best kit, and at a good cost. As a body builder need a good price as other commitments.

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