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Prodrive P2

Prodrive P2: The Evil Subaru

Have you ever wondered what a Subaru would look like if the Devil redesigned it? Well, neither have I, but now we know. In the spirit of today (6/6/6,) I bring you the Prodrive P2. Ignore the “meh” name which sounds like a Playstation 2 peripheral; this thing is friggin’ awesome.

Based on a Subaru Impreza, Top Gear verified this car runs from 0 to 60 in 3.8 seconds and keeps going up to 174 mph. The real amazing part of this car is it’s grip, which literally made Jeremy Clarkson vomit due to the cars computerized differentials.

Sadly, this car will never see the day of production. It is basically just a showcase of Prodrive’s technology, which has created quite a few track-bound cars.

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