1997 F 150 Jump

19 Reasons Why This Is The Wildest F-150 Commercial Ever

1997 F-150 Jump

When I was in high school, my friends and I had the Ford vs. Chevy debate.  Back and forth we would go and the battle was never ending.

I can’t remember comparing anything remotely specific about the F-150 and Silverado and why one was supposedly better than the other.

The typical conversation was:

“Ford stands for Found On Road Dead, did you know that?”
“Well only little boys wear bow ties.”
“Want a ride home from school?  I have a Chevy and I know your Ford won’t start.”
“Sorry, I was asking the prom queen what time I should pick her up in my Ford – what did you say?”

On and on it went.

And then there were the Dodge guys . . .

If only I would have thought to use this commercial in my high school debates.   Flashback to the all-new 1997 Ford F-150, jumping over 19 of its older brothers and sisters.

The significance of 19?

Ford F-150 was the best selling truck for 19 straight years at the time.

I always think of good come backs after the fact . . . like nearly 20 years after the fact . . .