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12 Innovative Uses for a Pickup Truck

Pickup trucks are great for moving, yard work, hauling trash, and many other practical uses besides transportation. Some people have decided to take advantage of pickup trucks in interesting and innovative ways. Here are 12 alternative uses for a pickup truck:

Garden on Wheels

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Everything is going mobile these days; to the point where even Earth is on the move! If you are experiencing a drought, just drive to wherever it is raining to keep your plants hydrated.

Redneck Pool

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Whether you are tailgating or in your driveway, take a dive (please, not literally) anywhere you want with a pool in the bed of your truck.

Mobile Fresh Market

Fresh markets are a great place to go to find fresh local produce, but they can sometimes be hard to find or out of the way compared to a normal store. Why not take the produce to your customers?

Turbo Jet Powered Pickup


How this did not make it into the fast and the furious is unknown, but this is one bad pickup truck. The truck is connected to a Czechoslovakian Motorlet M-701 turbojet making it look like it could reach astronomical speeds. However, watching the video might show otherwise.

Live, Sleep Pickup

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If you love camping but hate setting up camp on uneven ground or hate the idea of bugs sleeping with you, raise your tent off the ground with your pickup truck. You don’t even need a camping spot, any place you can park will do.

Chilling Truck

While a truck bed may not normally be made for sleeping, this air mattress modification turns your pickup into a great place to lay your head down when camping or enjoying the outdoors.

Gaming Pickup

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As the ultimate combination between indoor and outdoor recreation, this gaming truck is designed to be a geeks dream come true making it possible to play video games virtually anywhere your truck can go. If you love the outdoors but get bored camping without electronics, this truck is for you.


Pickup Bus

People love to hop in the bed of a truck to transport many people or just for the enjoyment of the wind on a ride around town. Riding in the bed of a truck is illegal in a lot of places, but that space can be converted into a safe and legal way to transport many people.

Truck Cabin

Camping Pickup Truck

You probably thought that trailers and RVs were among the smallest places to live, but think again. This interesting truck cabin is a quaint one bedroom, zero bathroom mobile living space that goes where you go.

Catering and Food Pickup Truck

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Many periodical and one-time events take place at locations that don’t make sense to have a year-round restaurant. Turn your truck into a mobile restaurant and catering vehicle to take your delicious food to your customers.

Ice Cream Pickup

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Ice cream trucks are usually big, bulky, and a little bit creepy looking. This 1955 Chevrolet pickup truck was converted into an ice cream truck that has a classic look and plenty of storage space for frozen treats.

Fashion on Wheels

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Why not turn your truck into a retail store? For small retail business, it’s all about location, location, location. Keep your overhead down without a lease and go to your customers instead of depending on them to come to you.

This list of innovative pickup mods was discovered by Policy Expert.

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