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Bloodhound SSC, the World's Fastest Dog!

Bloodhound SSC, the World’s Fastest Dog!

The thrill of speed is something that a LOT of gear heads find addicting. Pushing the limits right out to the edge, which is different for everyone. I mean, anyone who has found themselves on a large hill riding a bicycle knows that 35-40 mph can feel damn fast. When it comes to motorized movement, […]

Exocet in parking lot

Exoframe Roadsters – for When Your Wife Says Get off the Sport Bike

Exoframe Roadsters If you’re like me, your wife isn’t too keen on motorcycles. She especially doesn’t like the road going type. Which sucks, because, let’s face it, they are awesome! Well, if you are being asked, politely of course, to hang up the Shoei and start crocheting or something, here are a couple alternatives: the […]

Lamborghini Announces Winter Accademia 2015

Lamborghini Announces Winter Accademia 2015

I love driving in the snow and ice. Some of my best memories driving were spent sliding around empty parking lots in my first car. Slide it in to first gear, feather the throttle, gain some speed, get the backend to step out and try to maintain the angle as long as possible. Not an […]

App Your Car Overview

App Your Car, Allowing You to Break the Law Without Being Obvious

So I ran across an interesting crowd source funding product that I can ACTUALLY see myself using. It is called App Your Car. Before I go any further, let me say that I really hope this is just the name of the funding campaign and not the product itself. I have done some time in […]

Project C.A.R.S

Project C.A.R.S: 2015 Is Coming…FAST!

Project C.A.R.S Okay, let me first start off by mentioning that this is probably the best racing simulation game that man-kind has ever fathomed and brought to life. There are a couple of reasons why I mentioned this right off the bat and trust me, the hype is profoundly backed-the-fuck up and not just by […]

Coincidence or Fate? 1st US Nismo GTR and the Man Behind It

Coincidence or Fate? 1st US Nismo GTR and the Man Behind It

The First US Nismo GTR: In the world of automobiles, there are a plethora of categories and classes of cars to choose from. You have regular people carriers such as the Honda Accord. On the other hand, you have sportier cars wearing unique badges such as STI or Stradale. This stands for Subaru Tecnica International, […]

2015 Saleen ST - The Badass-ified Tesla Model S

2015 Saleen ST – The Badass-ified Tesla Model S

Yesterday, Steve Saleen put out a press release describing the 2015 Saleen ST. Based on the Tesla Model S, which is already the hottest electric vehicle out there, the ST comes in a variety of flavors and options but the really interesting one is based on the P85D Model S. The D stands for Dual […]

Lexus Previews New Design Language Through LF-C2 Concept

Lexus Previews New Design Language Through LF-C2 Concept

Car companies regularly produce concept cars purely to show off what they can do and then they are never seen again in public or placed in a museum. Other times the concepts are meant to preview a certain model to generate interest and get people talking about it. Then they are the concepts that are […]