Geneva: Mansory McLaren MP4-12C Continues With Tuner's OTT Creations

Geneva: Mansory McLaren MP4-12C Continues With Tuner’s OTT Creations

Update from Chris Burdick: I’ve updated this article with some of my own pictures from the Geneva Motor Show of the Mansory McLaren MP4-12C, although it was nearly impossible to get a good shot of this car. If there is a common complaint we’ve heard about the McLaren MP4-12C, is that isn’t special enough. As […]

This Car Is BOSS - Mansory's Conquistador

This Car Is BOSS – Mansory’s Conquistador

This is from a while back, 2007 actually, but I couldn’t help but stare at this fabulous machine. Called by Mansory the “Conquistador”, this is a Rolls-Royce Phantom that, with just a few visual changes, became something far more than a mere luxury automobile. There are actually two versions, the 2007 and the newer 2008. […]

Mercedes-Benz Mansory Renovatio SLR

Mercedes-Benz Mansory Renovatio SLR

The SLR McLaren, the beastly exoticar from Mercedes, just got beastlier Mansory, the expensive, high-end, exoticar modifier, is responsible. This is Mansory’s newest project, and perhaps the ultimate modified Mercedes. And don’t be thinking that it’s just another Brabus-type aftermarket package, ’cause this is beyond anything Brabus, or anyone else, could have ever done. Its […]

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