DIY Doomsday Vehicles - Prepare Yourself for Armageddon

DIY Doomsday Vehicles – Prepare Yourself for Armageddon

Armageddon is all the rage these days.  Movies of mutant zombies, government collapse, economic crashes, and world as-we-know-it ending calamities. It’s sparked a big trend of reality shows featuring individuals and families bracing themselves for the apocalypse…perhaps you’ve heard of “Doomsday Preppers“.  Everyone has a different approach; some stock up on weapons and ammo, some […]

How To Change the Oil on a Honda S2000 [video]

How To Change the Oil on a Honda S2000

Purolator sent me their complete product line of oil filters to check out and test in my 2006 Honda S2000 and as luck would have it my car was in need of an oil change. Purolator invented the oil filter back in 1923 and they’ve been revolutionizing the market ever since. Professionals as well as […]

How to Get a Right-Hand-Drive Car in the US

How to Get a Right-Hand-Drive Car in the US

We all know that most of the world drives in the right lane of traffic as opposed to the left. We Americans and most of Europe poke fun at the UK for driving on the “wrong” side of the road, but do you know how much of the world drives on the left? UK, obviously…Japan…maybe […]

Product Review: 3M Paint Defender Spray-on Film

Product Review: 3M Paint Defender Spray-on Film

3M invited a motley crew of auto journalists up to their Minnesota HQ last week to unveil their latest innovation: the first DIY-friendly spray-on Paint Defender film. On Amazon now and featured at Autozone starting May 3rd, the product is really impressive and I can personally vouch for its ease of application and awesome features. […]

Track day

How to Buy and Prepare a Track Car for Under $1,500

How much cash do you need to splash to successfully tear up the racetrack? Lots of people will answer with the obvious: tons. From the car itself to the necessary gear to the insurance to the track babes, racing is a seriously expensive hobby, right? Wrong. In fact, with a little know how and petrol-headed […]

Easy iPod Control With Grom Audio

Easy iPod Control With Grom Audio

If you’re like me and bought a car before an iPod/mp3 jack became standard or bought a current car from a late adopting manufacturer, you want a decent way to connect your iPod to your car stereo. Enter the products from Grom Audio. I checked them out based on a recommendation from a Mazda3 forum […]

Alloy Wheels

Choosing the Right Rims: Things You Need to Know

Custom wheels are probably the quickest way to enhance the appearance of your vehicle and give it a unique, personalized style. Aftermarket wheels come in a huge selection of designs and sizes and depending on your goal, they can not only be used to improve the vehicle’s look, but they can also considerably boost overall […]

Audi running the 59th 12 Hours of Sebring

Sebring Fantasy Camp A Reality

Hidden in the lake speckled interior of Florida is the world famous Sebring International Speedway, home of the Mobil-1 12 Hours of Sebring endurance race. Each March the Speedway welcomes thousands of race fans to one of the oldest race tracks in the country. Evolving from what was a World War II airfield, Sebring not […]