DIY Doomsday Vehicles - Prepare Yourself for Armageddon

DIY Doomsday Vehicles – Prepare Yourself for Armageddon

Armageddon is all the rage these days.  Movies of mutant zombies, government collapse, economic crashes, and world as-we-know-it ending calamities. It’s sparked a big trend of reality shows featuring individuals and families bracing themselves for the apocalypse…perhaps you’ve heard of “Doomsday Preppers“.  Everyone has a different approach; some stock up on weapons and ammo, some […]

5 Most Badass Supervans in the World

5 Most Badass Supervans in the World

“Did you just put the words ‘badass’ and ‘vans’ in the same sentence?” Yup…and you’ll see why in just a minute. Just because the vans you see on the road and dealer lots are only driven by flower delivery men or soccer moms doesn’t mean some clever minds haven’t taken them to the extreme. “Man, […]

Lamborghini Countach front

Cars of Supercar’s Past: Lamborghini Countach

In the 50th year of Lamborghini’s first venture into the supercar business, 2013 has been a period where the company has celebrated with pompous designs and massive horsepower. How else should an exotic car manufacturer ring in a golden anniversary? The ultra limited Veneno and now the super radical Egoista concept car make clear Lamborghini […]

Was "The 4th" With You?

Was “The 4th” With You?

Just in case your senses weren’t strong enough, and you didn’t realize yesterday was Star Wars day, don’t worry!  I can provide your far…far away fix today!  Let’s all just take a moment and enjoy the best “Fan Boy” modified cars. First of all I bet you didn’t know that there was an official Star Wars […]

Track day

How to Buy and Prepare a Track Car for Under $1,500

How much cash do you need to splash to successfully tear up the racetrack? Lots of people will answer with the obvious: tons. From the car itself to the necessary gear to the insurance to the track babes, racing is a seriously expensive hobby, right? Wrong. In fact, with a little know how and petrol-headed […]

IndyCar - A Motorsport Overlooked

IndyCar – A Motorsport Overlooked

Are you into racing?  The majority of the people you ask this to, whether it’s co-workers, friends, or a new acquaintance will say “Not really.”, or “I’m into ball sports more.”  Of the very few that are racing fans, it’s usually NASCAR. At least for Americans. Then even a smaller few enjoy open wheel racing, and usually they […]

The London Black Cab Demystified (Infographic)

The London Black Cab Demystified (Infographic)

Chances are, if you saw a silhouette of a London Black Cab, or even its headlights in the distance at night, you’d instantly be able to recognize what it is. It’s one of the most iconic cars in the world; it’s instantly recognizable. If you’ve been to London you’ve probably had your photo taken with […]

Black Bear Pass

Top 5 Off Road Destinations in the World

Feeling stuck in the office? Want to get away, just you and the elements of nature? Travel isn’t just about planes and ships anymore. All-wheel-drive SUVs, such as the ones from Land Rover and Jeep, are making waves as the travel option for the thrill-seekers out there. As vehicles that can essentially travel in every […]