Mandie Rainwater

Exotic Driving Experience

An Exotic Driving Experience of a Lifetime

I couldn’t sleep all Saturday night. I was overrun with excitement to be going to the newest Richard Petty Holdings attraction, the Exotic Driving Experience at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, at an early 8am the next morning. I woke up every hour on the hour to check the alarm clock next to the […]

An Interview with Ian Shannon and Chris Hayek of Pennzoil

An Interview with Ian Shannon and Chris Hayek of Pennzoil

There are a few reasons why I write. Mainly because you, the readers, can give me any voice you’d like in your head- I hope you think I’m British, because I’d like to talk that way all the time. Also, I write because I have a face for radio. However, I will now shatter that […]

Magneto What?

Magneto What?

That was the first thought I had when my husband and I were having a conversation the other night about the 2012 Chevy Camaro ZL1 and he told me about the Magnetorheological shocks. So, before I could even begin to look at the mechanics of the shocks, I had to learn how to say it. […]

Girls Love All Things Mini...

Girls Love All Things Mini…

I posed the question to my Facebook friends the other day: “If we judged a date by their car (but I know we don’t, it’s really personality) what would you look at first? Make/model? (If so what tops the list?) Cleanliness? Age? Color? Height? Speed? What get’s a girl going over her main squeezes car?” […]

Audi running the 59th 12 Hours of Sebring

Sebring Fantasy Camp A Reality

Hidden in the lake speckled interior of Florida is the world famous Sebring International Speedway, home of the Mobil-1 12 Hours of Sebring endurance race. Each March the Speedway welcomes thousands of race fans to one of the oldest race tracks in the country. Evolving from what was a World War II airfield, Sebring not […]

Rivian Automotive: Waves of Change

Rivian Automotive: Waves of Change

It’s not everyday that the phrase “Have you heard about this new car maker?” can be heard. But, ripples have been felt from the new Rivian Automotive currently based in Rockledge, Florida and its CEO, R.J. Scaringe. The automotive prodigy has always been around cars- a student of the automotive industry- and soon this 28 […]

AEV Black Brute

DIY Jeep Pickup Conversion

Jeep lovers are a unique and loyal group of people. I used to have a customer that came into my parts store that threw who knows how much money into his old ’73 Jeep Wagoneer with a 401 and never complained. He loved his Jeep, no matter how many rust spots appeared or pieces fell […]


Top 20 Car Movies

If there’s anything I like more than cars, it’s movies about cars. I watched The Italian Job (2003) last night and this morning I woke up itching to see a few more good car flicks. So, I thought I would share some of my favorite ones with you. Here’s my top 20 (in no particular […]