square colorAutomoblog.net was started in May 2006 as a way for me (Chris) to talk about my love for fast cars. Since then, we’ve taken on a great team of car enthusiasts (see below) and have grown to be known as one of the best online resources for unbiased reviews, news, pictures, videos, and opinions on cars, new and old. We personally cover as many events as possible and drive as many cars as we can.

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Who Are We?

Chris Burdick

I founded Automoblog.net in May of 2006 to share my love of cars. My favorites include the Lamborghini Diablo 6.0 VT and Koenigsegg CCX, and I think the Ferrari 360 Spider is still one of the sexiest cars in existence. For “normal” cars, I like imports - Nissan, Audi, Subaru... I love my Pearl Yellow (don't judge) 1990 Nissan 300ZX TT and plan to get it to around 550 HP one day. I'm also an avid world traveler and love rock climbing.

Carl Anthony

Carl represents automakers as a Sales Trainer, Vehicle Coach, and Product Specialist. He is President of Detroit Working Writers and on the Board of Directors for the Ally Jolie Baldwin Foundation. Carl enjoys a multitude of health and fitness activities and drives a 2015 Ford Fusion Titanium.

Denis Flierl

Denis Flierl has over twenty five years combined auto industry and automotive journalism experience that he brings to Automoblog readers. Over the thirteen years that he owned an automotive business, he worked directly with every major car brand in the auto industry and became familiar with all makes and models of cars. His passion for cars led him to spend the last twelve years in automotive journalism where he brings all that experience to his readers as he writes about the auto industry and the latest test cars he drives.

Rahul Raman

I have been in love with cars since I was three years old. My obsession for cars began when my father took me out at night to name cars by just either their headlights or taillights. Since then, my love for cars has blossomed into a career as a motoring journalist and I am excited to take you guys with me on this high-speed adventure!

Seth Parks

I have been working in the auto industry for two decades. In high school, way back when Broncos still roamed free, I was a lot attendant at a Ford store. During college I worked as a car salesman and later moved up the retail ladder. After graduate school, I co-founded a fleet management company in Africa. More recently, I sat on the board of a performance auto parts distributor and led the turn-around of a parts manufacturer. I am presently on the boards of two aftermarket auto parts manufacturers. I am an equal opportunity auto enthusiast, father of two, happy husband, and dedicated global traveler.

Jonathan Orr

Jonathan Orr is an author, public relations professional, Navy Reserve officer, veteran of Afghanistan, and proud parent of three beautiful kids who often get to ride to school in a red Porsche 911. Jonathan serves on the board of the Richmond (Va.) Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America, as well as the London School of Economics Alumni Association Executive Committee. He is a graduate of Davidson College and the London School of Economics and lives in Richmond, Va.

Bobkevin Shoo

Picked up an Xbox controller, jammed NFS and I've been a gear head ever since. I'm a community associate at Skytel Africa and I handle social media content for Automoblog. I love writing editorial pieces and putting Mercs on a pedestal. I drive a 2004 Mercedes CLK 320 with the heart of a CLS 63 AMG :) I'm also a future S65 AMG owner (I have dreamt it and so it shall be). My love for cars has made me deeply involved in the Tanzanian rally scene and addicted to speed. Tweet us or me if you have any feedback or want us to cover something you'd like to read about.

Richard Reina

Richard has been an auto enthusiast since the age of two when his dad taught him the difference between a Chevy and a Ford. Since then, it’s been cars all the time. He enjoys restoring and driving old cars, with a special love for anything Italian - he currently owns a 1967 Alfa Romeo. Richard is also passionate about all music, especially classic rock and Jazz as he is a big Beatles fan.


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