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GMC Sierra Towing

Summer is still in full swing and this time of year, it’s fun to take a family outing.  ATVs, boats, and campers all help us enjoy the season so much more.

And to get those things to our getaway destination, safety is essential.

General Motors provided this handy towing info-graphic. These are really great tips you can use before you head out.

The best advice I can give is to simply go slow.  Lower speeds help you better command the truck and trailer when weight is pushing from behind.  If you have a trailer brake controller, that will help too.

According to my friend from a Louisville towing company, one has to think of towing as both art and etiquette – you need more room than normal when driving so make the adjustments with the wheel accordingly.  Take your time and remember: never pull into an area you cannot get out of.

From novice to experienced hauler, this GM info-graphic is a tremendous reference.

Happy towing and happy travels!

GMC Sierra Towing 2

Before setting off with a trailer in tow for the holiday weekend or your summer vacation road trip, GMC offers a few tips and reminders to help ensure your experience is safe, fun and easy.

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  1. Charlotte Eddington

    I think your tip on weight limits is really important. One time I was pulling a boat with my truck, but the truck didn’t have a very high weight limit. We ended up burning up the engine. So next time I’m going to be careful and make sure I know my truck’s weight limit.

  2. Rachelle Reeves

    My family owns a boat and we like to go boating a lot during the summer. We planned a trip to go to a lake about 4 hours away. My dad is going to be towing our trailer, so he wants me to tow the boat. I’m a little nervous because I’ve never towed anything before. I will use your advice to go slow, and hopefully I will make it safely!

  3. I totally agree that going slow is one of the best ways to stay safe while towing. I’ve had to tow my boat before and it was scary, but I went slow and I was safe. I also used extended rear view mirrors that helped a lot too.

  4. It sounds like a good advice that was given about going at slower speeds when it comes to commanding the truck and trailer. This advice is one that has me thinking about doing for now that I got a truck and a trailer. The only thin that I would need to do now is learning how to maneuver the vehicle with the trailer.

  5. I hadn’t thought about the need to make sure your spare tire was ready to go. I’d heard about a lot of these other tips, but that one was new to me. It seems like a professional towing company would also benefit from following a lot of these tips, but that may just be my thoughts. Thanks for sharing!

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