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Adam Jansen is a passionate entrepreneur.  He believes success comes to those who listen, take advice and display humility in all their dealings.

It may not happen overnight but if you build something that is great and you have the right intentions, I think that success will be there,” he says.

Jansen is the Vice President of Business Development for AU.TO, one of the most forward thinking and innovate entities in the automotive industry.

Today, many consumers shop from the comfort of their own home.  I have a friend, and fellow car buff, who admits to doing all her shopping online so she “doesn’t have to leave the apartment.” As smart phones become more common place, even I have found myself, staying up late, and looking at cars.

AU.TO presents a new dynamic when researching one of the most significant purchases we will make as consumers. A search engine structure produces transparent results in milliseconds for car shoppers. AU.TO visitors are not required to give personal information and can type in even generic vehicle descriptions, such as “red Chevy trucks” and see instant, clear results.

“We don’t muddy up the waters and say how much a car should be or how much a dealer is going to make or what another dealer is going to sell the car for.  It’s easy on your eyes, user friendly, and is a modern approach to shopping for a car, without having your information held hostage.  As a shopper, I would not be keen on having to give have my information while I jump through hoops.  You don’t have to go through pages and pages to get what you want – just type in what you are looking for and if you like the car, you go to the dealer and look at it. We have simply put the buyers with the sellers for a pleasurable shopping experience.” ~ Adam Jansen of AU.TO

AU.TO aggregates a car search on multiple data points and scores them accordingly.  85 and above is considered a good deal and the best, overall value.  Usually, the first five vehicles displayed will fit a customer’s search parameters and requirements.

All search data is gathered by the AU.TO Bot and AutoRank scores the cars 

“With AU.TO, the better deal appears first.  That is what the consumers want to see.  They don’t want to see the whole inventory, just the car that makes the most sense for them.  We are taking a different approach and putting the consumer first but still keeping the dealer in mind.  AU.TO gives consumers the biggest marketplace to find the car they want and allows them to go directly to the source to get it.” ~ Adam Jansen of AU.TO

According to Jansen, AU.TO is “simple and unbiased” and similar to how a shopper does not give information to use the site, dealers can have their inventory seen without paying a fee.

Dealers cannot buy their way to the top of AU.TO because it is not subscription based.

Comments are also monitored to prevent falsely raising the value of a dealer’s own inventory. This ensures AU.TO users are impartially seeing what they are searching for.

A huge advantage for dealers is having their inventory displayed on AU.TO almost immediately.  Given AU.TO gathers their own data, a dealer’s inventory will show in real time, 24 to 36 hours before AU.TO’s competition.

Dealerships working with AU.TO find their footprint both online and in their local community expands.

“We have relationships with a network of dealerships and we work with them directly and actively.” ~ Adam Jansen of AU.TO

Jansen and the AU.TO team are focused on refining the experience for the next wave of car shoppers. AU.TO was developed from scratch and according to Jansen, the undertaking over the years has been immense.

The team remains committed and AU.TO is routinely refined so the best experience is presented for both the shopper and the dealership.

“Something is always changing in the business so we are trying to find a way to make the product better, either by rolling out a new ones or tweaking and modifying what we have.  In the end, good relationships, great synergy and the excitement of what we do is what makes AU.TO successful.” ~ Adam Jansen of AU.TO

At any given moment, AU.TO is accessing over 2.1 million vehicles, narrowing them down in milliseconds, and guiding a shopper to the car deal that makes sense for them.  Personally, I am in the market for a Pontiac Grand Prix GXP.

I am fond of the car’s styling and 5.3 V8 engine.

I did a search on AU.TO and found an absolute beauty here.  It came up in the #1 position – I didn’t move down the page an inch.  The second suggestion was great too.

Not only are these Pontiac Grand Prix GXPs reasonably priced, but they are in fantastic shape for the year and miles. A good price matters, yes, but more importantly, the best value counts when shopping for a car.

And for me, this model of Pontiac holds a certain amount of emotional attachment – so much so, that I am not going to pick just any one that happens to have “GXP” branded on the side.

As the results came up in a search for one of my favorite cars, I felt this was understood by AU.TO.

 “We help people to find the car they want, instead of settling for the car they find.” ~ Adam Jansen of AU.TO”

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